• Season 5, Ep 21

T.I. And Tiny See Their New Baby For The First Time

T.I. And Tiny head to the doctor's office to see the newest Harris family member.

09/19/2016 ยท 3:01

(T.I.)What you mean?

Put that down.

What you gonnado with that?

What is you smelling it for?It ain't been nowhere.

Making sure, now,you know, cutbacks.

(chuckling)I got to pre-exam you.


Make sure everything's inworking order.

You ain't going upin there with that.

So, we're at the doctor today

for a routine checkup on thelittle one.

Obviously, as many kidsas I have,

I already know how all thesedoctor visits work.

I could do the exam myself,really, if you allowed me to.

What you looking for firstwhen you get in there?

Damn baby.(chuckling)


If you don't getout of my office

and put that down.I'm sorry.

(Doctor)Sit down.

So where y'all?14 weeks and five days.

So two more days will be15 weeks.

We'll measure and listen.God, has it been that long?

Then we're gonna take a peekat the baby today

and make sure everything'sgoing right,

and we can determine gender.

We'll know if it'sa boy or a girl.

We don't wanna know.Yes.

Or if it's--You don't wanna know?

We don't care.We don't care.

All right, let's see,let's take a look.

I don't really care if it's aboy or a girl.

It doesn't make any differenceone way or another, I mean...

It has no choice but to beexcellent.

It's a Harris.


Tell me what you see.

That's right, wait a minute,I'm trying to find it.

Okay.Okay, here.

I don't see nothing.

Wait a minute.

You do see it right here,that's it right there.

What's that?

That, that isthe bottom half.



That's the head?Yeah.

Wait a minute.

(Tameka laughing)

So, it's in there, huh?

Look at that.Yes, baby.

I want you to look right overhere, okay?

What's over there?See the heart?

There it is.

No matter how many times you'vegone through this,

one thing that neverreally gets old

is seeing the child's heart beatfor the first time.

Still pretty surreal.

I'll tell you what,if we get the gender,

you don't wanna know,you do wanna know.

You wanna just pick it up

or you wanna haveyour assistant pick it up?

Yeah, I have Tamera orsomebody come pick it up.

Okay, but check this out.

'Cause I wanna have a revealparty.

A reveal party?

Yeah, reveal the sex.You don't need a party.

You hear what I'm saying,Doctor?

I'm listening.It's gonna be for the family.

We gonna reveal it,like, in style.

I think it'd be fun for thewhole family

to find out what the gender ofthis baby is.

This is the last time we'regonna do this,

so why not go all out?

We'll know gender in aboutfive to seven days results.

Don't worry about it, Doc.

We'll draw blood today.

You're measuring fine.

Your baby sounds great.

And healthy-lookingat this age.

Now, what will you do ifyou have another boy?

How will you feel?

But I know you don't care.Great.

I mean, we'll take whateverwe can get, but...

But you prefer if youget a little girl.

Well, we would like a girl.Okay.

Hey, listen, once you getto be our age,

as long as you don't have no,you know, blue nose pit bull

come out of there,you be all right,you know what I'm saying.

So, whatever it is, we gonnabe just fine with it.

Boy or girl, it doesn't matter,we'll be thrilled.

We are thrilled.

Seeing our baby today issomething I'll always cherish.

And raising another childtogether is a true blessing.

I'll send the nurses back into draw your blood.

We'll have your assistant pickup the gender, okay?

All right, we'll see youin four weeks.

Okay.All right.