• Season 3, Ep 6

Shanda Steps Back From Her Marriage

After learning the full truth from Willie, Shanda decides to take a break from her marriage to focus on herself.

09/19/2016 ยท 2:33

When I first got the letter,I knew that my wife was serious

and she was gonna leaveif she didn't get the truth.

I know that that's notgonna save me,

'cause I knowit's still a possibility

that my wifecould just still leave.

Whatever happens,I'm gonna have to deal with it,

and that's tough,that's real tough.

And I definitelydon't want to lose my family.

(car door closes)

(Shanda)Right now, somethinghas to give.

Like, I don't even want to bearound Will at this point.

Like, being around youjust disgusts me at this point

because you're justthat (bleep) dumb

to the point where you allowthat (bleep) to (bleep) with me,

and I don't feel likeyou're respecting me enough,

so now I don't even wantto be around you.

I need a break.I need a moment to myself

to see whatI really want to do,

because obviouslyyou didn't care enough

to protect your home.

I got your letter.

It said you want to step awayfrom your marriage.

I know that you haven'tbeen 100 with me.

Tell me the truthso that I can move forward.

I'm here to tell youthe truth.

But you knowI knew that, right?

You know I knewthat, right?

Yeah, I know.

All this timeI've been sitting here

waiting for you to (bleep)tell me the truth.

I already knewwhat you had done,

but you kept lyingabout the situation.

I'm so sorry, man.That was just it, though.

So, at this point,what do you expect me to do?

I don't know whatI expect you to do.

I just know I don't want youto leave me, though.

You seriouslyreally hurt me.

How many timeshave you really lied?

I just want you to knowfrom the bottom of my heartthat I love you.

I believe the whole union is,you know, it's in jeopardy.

You cheatedand I can't trust you.

You're untrustworthy.

This chick coming at me,you know, in a violent way,

like, I have to reactin this (bleep) violent way.

That's (bleep) up.

Because you know how hardI've been trying

to just make this perfect,like, mom for my children.

I don't want them to thinkthat this is okay.

Yeah, I know.Now I have to

look at this (bleep)

like, damn, why the (bleep)did I act like that?

I'm fighting for somethingI already have?

I'm not gonna fightno bitch for nobody.

I shouldn't have toin this situation.

No, you don't.

But I'm telling youright now

that I'm taking a stand

that I'm not gonnahurt you no more.

Well, at this point,I'm just going to--

I'm still gonna have tostep back, Willie.

I just needto seriously see,

and you just gotto respect that (bleep).