• Season 3, Ep 6

Does Princess Feel Abandoned By Ray J and Her Father?

At her cake tasting meeting with Diann, Princess opens up about the strained relationship she has with her father.

09/19/2016 ยท 3:20

When Ray told methat he would help me out

with the wedding planning,I was hopeful,

and today we have a meetingto do cake tasting,

and he's calling metelling me

that he's busywith Scoot-E-Bike stuff.


Hi, honey. How are you?How are you?


You look amazing, as always.So do you.

I hope you're readyto eat some cake.

Yes, I'm starving.

Oh, good.It's gonna be dinner.

After crying to Rayabout how overwhelmed I was

with all of thiswedding stuff,

it's just disrespectfulfor him

not to have made mea priority.

I mean, all I'm asking for himis to eat some damn cake.

How hard is that?

Um, before we diveinto cake,

I just want to kindof talk a few details.


Do realize it's, like,two months away, right?

Yeah, I know. I know.

And I'm so sorry thatRay's not here right now.

He's running late.Okay.

But he is gonnajoin us, right?

Hopefullyhe makes it in time.

So, I justwant to ask

a few questionsabout your parents.

Are your parents involved?

Um, they'll be here.

I want my dadto walk me down the aisle.

Okay.Even though I don't really,

like, have a relationshipwith him, you know?

Well, I think you shouldtalk to him about that.

Yeah.You know what I mean?

'Cause I do think it'sa really important moment.

I think every womanwaits for it, you know,

and wants her dadto be there,

but I think if thereis some stuff between you,

you should resolve that.

But just because I havea conversation with him

now that I'malready an adult,

that doesn't meanit's gonna fix everything.

I mean, not to betoo personal,

or not to get too muchin your business,

but your relationshipwith your dad

dictates your relationshipwith Ray.Really?

Because he's the first manyou ever loved.

And he's the first manthat ever loved you,

and he's the first manwho ever didn't love you,

so it's reallyimportant.

You-- Oh, I'm sorry.

I don't meanto make you sad.

I don't.

It's okay.

I don't have a relationshipwith my dad,

and Ray not being herefor me

does kind of stir upthose abandonment issues.

I don't always feellike I can count on my dad,

and I don't wantto start feeling like that

about my husband.

I just always acted likeI didn't care, you know?

I know.

It's just...

It's crazy that I've never hadthis conversation with anybody.

You haven't?

The difficult conversation,it will help you.

I know it will.So, you have to do that.

I just don't thinkthat that conversation

would fix everything,you know?

It doesn't fix everything,but you know what it does

is it startsthe healing process.


But I do thinkyou have to deal with that.

Before you get married.

So, I have, like,a couple weeks?

Two months.


Yeah. All right?Yeah.


Sorry. Didn't meanto go there.

So, what aboutthat cake?Yes.

So, what about Ray?

You thinkhe's coming or...

Should we waita little bit?

No.All right.

Ready to try it.Yeah.

Okay.You hold tight.

Okay.I'll be right back.

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