• Season 5, Ep 21

T.I. And Tiny Express What They Love About Each Of Their Children

The newest Harris is going to have some of the best brothers and sisters. T.I. and Tiny talk about what they love about each of the Harris kids.

09/19/2016 ยท 3:26

But regardless of any of it,

this little girl's gonna havethe best big brothers

and sisters anyone could everask for.

You know, everyone starts onlytaking a couple of steps

or speaking a few words.

(T.I. chuckles)

I got you Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Then they kind of, like, growand morph

into who they are today.

I wanted to experiencesomething by myself.

To be able to seea slice of us

in each and every one of theirpersonalities,

well, that's just a whole'nother level of amazing.

I am Zonnique Pullins,and I want to be baptized.

All right.

Niq Niq is creative, kind,extremely talented.

(whooping and cheering)

(Tameka)Yay, Niq Niq!

Let me tuck my shirt in.Who does that?

(laughing)Looking like a gym teacher.

Messiah, now he has the bestheart, 'cause he's the sweetest.


Come on, buddy.

He'll give you the shirtoff his back.


You dropped me, Messiah.

Thank you for watching"All About Domani."

We got the juice.

I'm proud of you,you got a good show.

Domani is funny and unique inhis own way.


You speak English?No.

I like that.

He's truly drivenin anything he does.

Hey, whee-oh, whee-oh,whee-oh, whee-oh.

Hey, stop!

She likes a guy named Julian.

I don't like Julian.Don't--

Deyjah try to fool everybodywith that quiet, shy,

you know, bashful face.

(baby crying)You're okay.

But she is oneof the toughest I know, period.

You scared Niq Niqand King!

That's nasty, man.

King, hands down,

is one of the most energetickids of the family.

I have spoken!


But when he slows down andfocuses on something,

he has limitless potential.

I gotta do this one more time,I gotta get it right.


There you go.Good!

Right on.Yeah!

Do you know whatan assassin is?


But I do know what a ninja is.

(Tameka)Major is the youngest and stillvery much a kid.

Get it.

Oh! You're all right.

But sometimes he shows sides ofhimself

that makes me feel like he's theoldest soul of the family.

Pops, next time you should nottry to take over my project

and let me help you.

(both laughing)

Who's my baby?


I'm not perfect by any means.

But I think the goalof being a parent

is taking the goodthings about yourself

and passing it downto your kids.

I almost got overmy fear of heights.

You got a lifetimeto do it.

And our new baby girl, whatevertraits she inherits from us,

will take her own journeyinto adulthood.

I'm proud of you, baby.

And I get to watch 'embe a part of it

through the good and the bad.

All right.

I love you.

Do me again.

Ha-ha!Good work!

(T.I.)And even though we're allindividually different,

we still operate as a unit,a family, together.


That's the surprise?That's the surprise.

Go, go, go, go kids!

Keep going, Major!

(T.I.)And no matter how many lessonsI pass down to my kids,

I still hope that the mostimportant three things

translate from generationto generation.

And that's God, family,hustle.

In that order.

One day you'regonna be an uncle.