• Season 5, Ep 18

KK Makes A Shocking Claim About Scrapp and Tiarra

KK shocks Nina Parker when she reveals that Scrapp may not be King's biological father.

08/08/2016 ยท 1:01

(Nina)When filming with this cast,

you never know what bombsthey're going to drop.

And when I sat down with KK,

she revealed Scrapp may notbe King's father after all.

So, you're saying that this manhad a child with this woman.

And you're sayingthis man may also be

the father of King, and itcould possibly not be Scrapp?

I mean, that'swhat she said.

The baby lookedjust like King.

Does Scrapp knowabout this allegation

that King may not be his?

No, he doesn't know.He does not know.


Will I tell him? No.Are you gonna tell him?

You won't tell him?Mm-mmm.

'Cause he's probablygonna hear about it.

Well, hopefully by the timehe hears about it,

he will bein another situation.

(Nina)At the time the show taped,

Tiarra was unawareof KK's comments.

But production caught upwith her afterwards

and gave her a chanceto respond.

KK is miserable.

She needs to find her a manand retire in a retirement home.

She knows Scrappis King's father

just like everybody else.