• Season 5, Ep 18

Karlie Redd Goes Crazy Around Lyfe Jennings

With Karlie Redd's ridiculous rants and outbursts, Nina Parker finds it difficult for a conversation to take place between Karlie and Lyfe Jennings.

08/08/2016 ยท 4:11

And little did she knowthat when she decided

to start messing aroundwith Scrapp DeLeon,

her life would change forever.

I heard (bleep)about Scrapp.

Like, blah-blah-blah!

You don't think that'sembarrassing to me?

He's actually in jail now.

I don't wanna necessarily giveup on this (bleep) right here.

Did he just propose to me?

I wanna say thatthis is a promise ring.

And I promise you,you can keep this...

...but you can't keep me, man.

I can't do this (bleep), man.

All right, I have to--I have to get this part off--

off my chest because this wasa major part of the season

for me when Karliefell on the ground.

Lyfe, what were you thinking?You were there.

I mean, I was thinking,like, "Damn... stay there."

Stay there?Yeah.

Ladies, see whattype of man he is?

At the end of the day,that mother(bleep) is a devil.

Wow.Let mekeep it moving.

Okay, so, what-- what wentwrong between you and Lyfe?

Well, it started out...as friends.


But in the meantime, whenthat path of the friendship

start going,it's a relationship,

this mother(bleep)hits with, bam!

"I wanna be ina open relationship."


Do you see how(bleep)-up men are?

(Nina)An open relationship wasn'tLyfe's only surprise for Karlie.

She soon found out the entiretime she was dating Lyfe,

he may have hadanother girl pregnant.

"Probability of paternity,99 point..."


Instead of keeping it 100and saying, "Listen here,

I got that bitch pregnant."

And I would've said,"Peow"!

So, Lyfe, is this true?

Were you-- were you reallyjust playing Karlie?

Yes, he was,at that part.

(Nina)Let's keep it real.

Man, this lady is a liar.

Everything outof her face is a lie.

Answer the question!

Was the girl pregnant?!

Was she pregnant?!

(Nina)Okay, Lyfe, do you wanna

answer the question?

At that time, I was ina relationship with this lady.

She was not pregnant at all.

Let me tell you something,mother(bleep).

Once you ask to putyour (bleep) in me,

you should (bleep)keep it real and say,

"Listen here,I'm in a relationship,

I got a bitch pregnant."

I asked to put(bleep) in you?

That's what I'm saying!Hey, Karlie, man, you--

You-- you was beggingto smash me.

I was begging-- ha!

How many times...Really?!Really, you got...

You was beggin'for the deed.

I was begging for the thing!Do you believe that (bleep)?

I damn ain'tco-signing that (bleep).

Dime, all right.(bleep).

Dime, I wanna--Nobody believes you!

All right, guys.All right.

Let's just take a moment.

Let's take a beat.He's lying.

Let me take this to Dime

and let's calmthe situation down.

So, I wanna knowwhat was your motive

for just even giving herthe fake ring?

'Cause it was justreal whack to me.

You knowwhat I'm saying?

What was the reason--

I wanna knowthe reason behind it.

He's fake,he's phony.

You ain't like her.You know that ain't real, B.

You know you'relooking at me right now.

Your little preaching(bleep) ain't working.What happened--

I can tell you what happened.I can tell you what happened.

You might be (bleep) preachingon your ass now!

I downgradedwith you.

Uh-huh! Do I need Lyfeto bring me a ring?

Uh-huh! Hell, no!

Uh-huh! 'Cause heain't got (bleep).

Uh-huh! I buy my ownmother(bleep) ring!

Uh-huh, amen!Mother(bleep)!

You done?

This is gettingreally ridiculous.

We gotta be ableto talk one at a time.

Can't move forward,we keep going in circles, so...

I wanna know, are you guys gonnaever be able to be amicable?

Does it have to besuch bad blood?


(Dime laughs)

What about you, Lyfe?

Can you just let it goand just move on

and be amicablewith Karlie?

That (bleep) jewelryhe got on is fake.

Just point (bleep)right now.

I got so much (bleep)jewelry upstairs,

I'll lace your ass!That's the answer.

Ask Dime! Don't play, don't--You don't wanna play!

Y'all didn't evenlet me talk.

We're done.I'm done.

Thank you,you're dismissed.

Yeah, right.We're done with you.

Get the (bleep)out of here, (bleep).You a (bleep) joke.

You're dismissed!(bleep), you can'tdismiss me.

You're dismissed!I just did.

Cornball ass.You're dismissed.

Get him out of the buildingeveryone, he's dismissed.

We're done with you.Let's do that.

Bald-head (bleep)!