• Season 3, Ep 2

Masika Meets With A Lawyer

Masika meets with two lawyers to discuss establishing paternity and child support from Fetty Wap.

08/22/2016 ยท 2:43

It's your girl,Masika Kalysha.

Bitches, I am back.

And I'm pregnant as ever.

Last summer was crazy.

I had a hot single with FettyWap and we made a baby.

I always imagined that wheneverI had kids,

I would be able to enjoy mypregnancy

with the person that I was inlove with.

But from the time I broke thenews to Fetty,

he's made this a living hell.

And to add insult to injury,

now you're publiclydenying our child

and talking (bleep) about me?

People have the audacity toquestion my motives,

saying, oh, I'm a gold-digger,and you had a baby for a check.

I'm having my child becauseI love her,

and I can't wait to meet her.

I never wanted to get a lawyerinvolved,

but he's left me no choice.

So what is it that has you herein this office today?

Um, I was in a relationshipwith a rapper.

His name is Willy,he goes by Fetty Wap.

And everything was amazing.

It was great, hanging out,having fun.

And then I got pregnant.

And he was on the road--

Are you clear when it was thatyour baby was conceived?

Oh, yeah.We know--

Oh, yeah.Okay.

Is there an issue about whetheror not he's the father?

I mean, is saying thathe's not the father?

Well, there wasn't, and hedecided to go on social media

and pretty much denythat this is his child

and this is--this is why I'm here.

A paternity testhas to be done.

I asked him several times,and he won't,

because he didn't want proof.

So, well, that's really animportant part.

So, what is your win in terms ofhis financial contribution

and what are yourfinancial needs?

He made it clear thatif I went forwardwith this pregnancy,

I would be on my own.

I've been taking careof everything,

like, you know, by myself.

Uh, medical, prenatal,housing, everything.

So, does he have to help withthose prenatal expenses?

Or is that just,you're on your own?

First of all, the first stepin a case like this

is to determine paternity.

The next step in this wholeprocedure would be for us

to figure outwhat would be support

and what kind of custodyrelationship

would you want himto have with her.

That's worth sleeping onto get really clear

about what it isthat you want.

I just want the entire worldfor my little girl,

and I just can't imagine hergrowing up, saying,

"I can hear Daddy on the radio,I can see Daddy on TV,

but why doesn'the want to see me?"

I couldn't live with myselfif I let that happen.

So what you need to be thinkingabout right now, overnight,

is really whether or notyou want to file papers,

and what that means.

Do you want to go throughthe court process?

Do I want to? No.

Do I feel like my handis being forced? Yes.