• Season 5, Ep 15

Karlie Redd Learns The Truth About Lyfe Jennings

Jessica Dime introduces Karlie Redd to Lyfe Jennings' secret baby mama who has a paternity test as proof.

07/18/2016 ยท 2:08

You know when you cameand made us sit herewith Lyfe?

The reason why I didn'tcome over there...

'cause he had my home girlpregnant at the time.

So you're pregnantright now?

No, I hadhis baby already.

I just had my baby in January,but I was impregnated

in April of last year.

We can give y'all a moment,like, 'cause this personal.

Yeah, let me talk to youby yourself, boo.

(Karlie)So Dime asks me

to come all the way downto her photoshoot

to drop this bomb on me?

I'm messy, but this (bleep)is just downright (bleep) up.

And who the hell is thisthirsty-ass bitch anyway?

And why is shebringing me this tea?

So y'all been (bleep)?

- Me and Lyfe?- Yeah.

Yeah, I've beendating him.

I'm not gonna let you--I'm not gonna let you--

swindle me and tell me,

"Guess what, Karlie!I had a baby by Lyfe!"

No, I'm not gonnabelieve that (bleep).

Honestly, I don't reallycare about telling you,

but, I mean,if you wanna know...

I mean, you cared abouttelling me to come today.

If you wanna know,I didn't ask you to come here.

This is the DNAright here.

Oh! That you didn'tcare about telling me,

but you got a big ol',um, a big--

So you walk aroundwith this?

"Probabilityof paternity 99 point..."


Hold the (bleep) up.

How many secretsdoes this mother(bleep) have?

I'm more hurt than anything,

because Lyfe portrayedas if he's this preacher by law.

He's just a good man.

Lyfe is just a (bleep)straight-out liar.

I'm not here to startno beef with you.

How you not hereto start beef with me,

but you come to me witha (bleep) paternity test?

You didn't care to tell me,but you walk aroundwith a DNA test.

Okay, so nowthat you know...

For you to bringa paternity test,

- that's real (bleep) thirsty!- That's fine.

But it's known now.

That's real(bleep) thirsty!

That's real (bleep)--

But it's known now.

Dumb bitch!

Oh, my God,really?

Karlie acts like she's too bossto get wrapped up in a man.

But I thinkshe's finally cracking.

I never thought Karliewould flip on this poor girl.

Karlie's getting madat the wrong person.

I was trying to be a friendand let her know

what was going on,but she's taking it too far.

Don't fall down the steps!Come and find my--

Come and beat my ass!

You're thirsty!

Oh, my God.

You're thirsty!