• Season 3, Ep 5 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 3 Episode 5: Ms. Do-Little Rings Off Tongue Quite Nicely

Moniece, Masika, and Nikki discuss Safaree pouring out his heart to Nikki while later Safaree, Lyrica, and A1 recap Lyrica and A1's surprise elopement wedding.

09/12/2016 · 6:32

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This next sceneyou're about to see

is the coconut oilambassador himself, Safaree,

trying to check Miss Nikki babyand he ends up getting checked.


Oh, they have little booties.How cute.

That's good.

I think we should have themstart walking forward.

Oh, my gosh,look at my briefs!

They look so nice!

(photographer)That's looking good.

Safaree walking in, lookinglike a girlfriend is jealous.

What's up?Hi.

How are you?I'm all right.

What, she didn'ttongue him down?

That's her, like,signature move.

How are you?

What you walking inhere all dry for?

I've got a boneto pick with you.

Oh, okay. Can y'all give us,like, five minutes?

Don't come in herewith that attitude.

So, instead of Safareebeing all salty,

walking in here,mad at me,

he should have just been in mybriefs showing off his (bleep)

like he doeson the Internet all the time.

We went from speakingall the time.

Any time I'd FaceTimeyou or text you,

you'd hit me right back.

You leave,you go out of town,

ironically,I can't reach you at all.

How do you demand thismuch when we just met?Ooh.

Have I ever lied to youor given you a reason

to feel like I'm(bleep) somebody else?

He's a manthat has been scorned.

He wants the ring,and it seems like

she just wantsa diamond bracelet.

If somebody elsewas in the picture,

do you feel likeyou have a right

to be mad at me?Do you feel like

you're stepping upin such a way,

of a man, financially,emotionally, mentally,

do you feel like you'redoing all those things

a man should do,to be mad at me?

She has some points there.

You know what?She's Miss Do-Little.

Does very littlebut demands a lot.

I don't wantto be confused.

I want to know what this is,you know what I'm saying?

I want to have kidsone day.

I want to get married.


He seems likea really good guy.

I saw his (bleep) print,so that's just an added bonus.

Eggplant... he fits right...(clicks tongue)

perfectly into that mold,

and she's a toy or a giftthat you give away (bleep).

You get a labia,you get a hole,

you get a clitoris.

We're all gettinga Nikki.

I don't want to be oneof these dudes out here

that's just singleand acting like

I'm livingthis bachelor life.

I want to be with you,and if you...

Wah. Safaree's always pouringhis little heart out.

I'm just trying tofigure it out right now.

Don't act like a pieceof jerk chicken, Nikki.

I want us to makesure we're strong

before we can belike, okay,

this is my man,I'm your woman.

You knowwhat I'm saying?

So, in other words,she needs to get all...

all the thoughtingout of her system

before she knows thatyou're the only penis

she's trying to bounce on.

Can we make up?

Ooh, just like a dude.Ooh, Casanova.

Ooh, she might bite youa short set.

You know you can'tresist me.

I definitely thinkthat we can, you know,

have a long-term,stable relationship.

He's very caring and,you know,

he's well-endowed.(laughing)

So, there you have it.

The scene you're about to see--I'm gonna charge you--

my dog, my dupes, A1, aboutto elope with his girl Lyrica.

♪ When you fallI'll pick you up ♪

The moment we're in the car,I'm like, ooh,

me and my man, we're about togo off in the desert.

Like, it's beautiful.

I got the thinghanging from my head.


What's it called?

So I got the veilhanging from my head

and, you know,just blowing in the wind

and the red car-- like,it just felt so,

just likewe was on some boss (bleep).

Brah, you keep on taking offone hot jacket

to go to the next?

It looks mad hotout there, A1.

What the hellis wrong with you?

I'm reallyabout to get married.


Like, this is happening,like, right now.

You ready?I don't know.

(laughing)You don't know?

We're here.I'm nervous.

I'm here.I'm all in.

I definitely, for a second,was like, um,

maybe I should justchange my mind right quick

and we should just pushthe date back a little bit

and then maybe next time,maybe by then,

our parents can get alongand then they can both come.

But that, right away,probably wasn't gonna happen.


(laughing)Ain't nobody in there.

This (bleep)is just crazy.

You know, I'm ready.Are you ready?

Are you here?Don't cry.

I couldn't be so selfishand just be like, yo,

(bleep) her mom,'cause I wanted to be like,

yo, (bleep) whatshe's talking about.

Like, don't... don't thinkabout your mama right now,

but who would I beto do that?

Look, I love youwith all my heart.

I'ma be here.

I'm not going nowhere.You feel me?

Oh, my God,I'm gonna cry.

I knew thatwas gonna come.



You gonna takethat walk with me?

That was suchan uncomfortable moment

'cause it was just like allthis excitement had built up,

and, of course,I love A1 so much

so I couldn't waitto marry him,

but then, to just thinkof the disappointment

of my mom not being thereand his mom not being there,

it just made me, like,low-key sick to my stomach

at the same time,'cause I feel like

that's whatweddings are about.

You have your family there.

So, that partwas really hard.

Yes.Come on.


Wow, I'm finna get marriedto the woman of my life

and I'm about to dealwith a headache mama

for the rest of my life.

We're here todayto celebrate

the marriageof two special friends.

I cannot believey'all really went

and did thisby y'all selves.

Who was the witness?

I thought we were way closerthan that, A1 and Lyrica.

I'm hurt about this.I wouldn't have said nothin'.

(officiant)Do you take Lyricato be your wife?

Do you pledge to commityour life to her,

embracing all joysand all sorrows?

I do.


Lyrica, do you take Floydto be your husband?

Do you pledge to commityour life to him,

embracing all joysand all sorrows?

I do.

(officiant)And so it is, by the powervested in me

by the laws ofthe State of California,

it is my great honor topronounce you husband and wife.

Congratulations.You played yourself.

You didn't invite me.

(officiant)You may seal your vowswith a kiss.


I'm officiallyMrs. Bentley,

and, I must say, it ringsoff the tongue quite nicely.