• Season 3, Ep 10

Princess Does Not Appreciate Ray J's Turn Up

When Princess stop by Ray J's music video shoot, the two get in an argument about how he is behaving on set.

10/17/2016 · 2:57

(man)Keep that shot,keep that shot, keep that shot.


Okay, back out, back out.

(Princess)Ray and I haven't talked much

since that horrible lunchwith his mother.

I always thought thatthe leading up to my wedding

would be the happiest daysof my life,

but it just hasn't been that.

I had to basically force Rayto help me with this wedding.

I don't know if my dadis even showing up,

and on top of that,my mother-in-law hates me.

You gotta be,unh, all in,

and rub on yourself.Okay.

The last thing a manwho's two weeks away

from getting married needsis some video ho

rubbing her hands all over him.

All right,you ready, Truth?

Ready, man.Is she ready?Are you ready?

I am ready.That's the question.

We've been ready, 'causeright now we need to know...

Neither one of y'alllook ready.

Can I speak to you, please?

Give me ten.Matter of fact, 20.

You're over heregrinding and doing--

like, that's inappropriate.

You wouldn't wantme doing it.

Baby.Your mom already said

she didn't want usto get married,

and then you got me up herecoming up to this?

Look--Do you wanna be married

or do you wanna beturned up?

I know Princess is madbecause my mama said

she didn't want usto get married,

but don't take that out on me.That ain't fair.

If I was in the club,

or if I was outdoing something foul,

then yeah, I get whyyou getting upset.

But I am shootinga music video.

I'm acting, okay?

I've been doing this (bleep)since I was 15.

You can't come up on my setand tell me what to do

and point your finger,when I'm in control,

in front of peopleI'm working with.

It's embarrassing,it's disrespectful,

and it's not gonna happen.

You (bleep) withmy creativity.

I feel like you're doingthis just to like,

get it out your system.

You think I'm...Just so you can be like...

on a bitch.

Is that whatmy work looks like?Yeah, it does.

That is really wrong.Yeah.

Now, I ain't gotcold feet yet,

but the (bleep)that she attempting right now

is making my mother(bleep) toesvery mother(bleep) cold.

And after you got cold toes,

it only leads downto your feet.

This ain't no bull(bleep)I'm doing.

Like, have some respect,like...

Have some respect?Have some respect, yeah.

So, you think I'm supposedto just come up in here

and not have an opinion?

You want me to sitin the corner

like I'm some kind of mute?

I have enough on my platewith the wedding,

and your mom's saying that shedoesn't want us to get married.

So, since you can'trespect that,

you wanna come up here,disrespect me...

How am I disrespectingyou when you came here?...when I'm alreadyfeeling bad.

This is my set.This-- this where I'm at.

I've been so stressed outtrying to plan this wedding.

And now, it seemslike everything

is falling apartat the last minute.

The last thing I neededwas for Ray's mom

to come aroundand give him second thoughts.

And while he shouldbe comforting me right now,

it seems like he's justreverting back to his old ways.

Have fun withyour free video

and your ratchet-ass model.

Guarantee you,nobody's gonna watch it.

See, that's (bleep) up.No belief.

Get a bitch badder than me,then we'll talk.