• Season 5, Ep 14

Amber and Tiarra Come Face-To-Face

When J-Nicks shows up to Amber's event with Tiarra on his arm, Amber gets angry while Tiarra fights back.

07/11/2016 ยท 1:56

(Amber)People think I'm just a dancer,but I'm not.

I've been dancing toself-finance my cosmetic line

that I'm finally launchingtoday.

I like this lip gloss,it's my favorite.

You wanna put it on?

After having my little chatwith J-Nicks,

I really don't see no harmin helping Amber.

I just hope that Amber can keepher cool when she finds out

about the little surpriseJ-Nicks has for her.

(Amber)So, I haven't seen J since

I started kicking itwith Joc.

But word in the clubis that J's smashing Tiarra.

And of course, J can't fess upand be a man

and tell me the truth.

I don't give one, two,or even three (bleep)

that you wanna downgrade.

But, what I do care aboutis that your disrespectful ass

can't even tell mein my face.

It come onthe stick.

I know it do.

(chuckling)Come on, man.

Hold up.

What the (bleep)?


What's up?

Ain't no hard feelingswith Amber.

That's my girl,she can do what she want.

She's moved on,and so have I.

So, I asked Tiarrato join me tonight,

so Amber can get the messageloud and clear.

Why you bring thisbitch to my event?

I came to show love.

I-- I--You came to show love?

So, why you didn'tcome by yourself?

Bro told me that y'allhad something going on.

Y'all smashed or whatever.

So, I didn't feel likeit was a big deal.

You already know, right?Feel like it'san eye for an eye.

Where your po, ho?

Po? At the clubyou work at, bitch.

I've known Amberfor a while now.

She constantly harasses meon my Instagram about J-Nicks.

Look whoyour (bleep) with.

(Tiarra)She's a thirsty ho.

I guess that's whyJoc's with her.

Joc love thirsty hoes,like his ex, Karlie.

We grown, we adults.

We at an event.We don't gotta do this (bleep).

Look, you gotwhat you got.

She want whatshe want.

She got a pieceof what she wanted.

(Amber)That's bull(bleep)!

(overlapping shouting)

What the (bleep)!

Bitch, I'll beat yo ass!

Why am I always finding myselfin situations like this?

Note to self.

Joc, you gotta do better.

But you (bleep)!

You owe me, bitch!

(Yung Joc)Chill out with your...