• Season 3, Ep 4

Can A1 and Lyrica Bring Their Mothers Together?

Can A1 and Lyrica Bring Their Mothers Together?

09/05/2016 ยท 3:06

Now, tonight it's going down.

I know my girlgon' be over the moon

when I give herher new ring,

and I'm hopingthat when our moms see

that this engagementis no joke,

that they're gonna start actinglike the grown folks they are

and start treating each otherwith respect.

So, now that Pamhas finally moved out...

Why would you...

(chuckling)I'm just saying

it's, like,a good thing,

and I'm sure you're happyin your new place,

so what I'm saying is

we would likefor you guys to be able

to come to family functionsand, you know,

and it not be a problem

every single timeyou guys get together.

We've never hada family function--

First of all,we're not a family yet.

I don't considerthis family.

I really don't.

Oh, well, wait'til she see

the size of this rockI got.

She'll be singinga different tune

about not wanting to bea part of this fam.

Since we're here,can we make a toast?

I don't know whatwe're toasting to.

(laughter)You know what I'm toasting to?

(Lyrica Garrett)You know whatI'm toasting to?

Being in L.A.for a year and a half.

I asked for the toast.

How you gonna get inon my toast

before I make it?

I said, "Can wemake a toast?"

Okay, say whatyou were toasting.

My toast is to Pam finallygetting the hell out.

Can we toast to that?

The hell out of what?Out of their house.

You in your own house.

You ain't got nothingto do with me.

I've got somethingto do with my daughter.

And then my daughterwas uncomfortable

with you being there.Okay.

You don't seem to knowwhen to leave.No, yo.

I don't know whatLyrica's mama's problem is,

but I'm not gonna sit hereand take this (bleep)

every time she goesto have an attitude.

I'm gonna have to show herwho I am.

She the one that started.

I started what?She did start.

All I said wasmake a toast!

You can't toastto no mother(bleep)...

Like, don't do that.Don't do that.

(Bleep) out of herewith that (bleep).

(Bleep), bitch.

No, no. Y'all chill.

Don't call my moma (bleep).

My mama don't (bleep)...

(overlapping dialogue)

Chill! Be quiet!

Damn!Is it too much to ask

for two parentsto just get along?

They can't even get overtheir own (bleep)

long enough to realize

that they not justhurting themselves,

they hurting us too.

Be quiet.I'ma be quiet.

But she put somegoddamn food on me,

and I'm not gonna put upwith her (bleep)!Mama...

You can't force us to besomething that we're not!

I'm not even sureabout you!

I'm sure about me.

You're the one who subjectedme and my daughter

to your mother.

I trust my daughter'sjudgment,

but I do not understand

why she thinks marrying A1and all that comes with it

with his ratchet-ass mamais gonna work.

Pam, you need to shutyour damn mouth

and stay away from me.

You got your (bleep)daughter crying!

Chill!You chill!

You don't even(bleep) care!

No, Mama, shut up!

I'ma show...Chill!

Mama, be quiet!

Y'all got me (bleep).Chill!

You know I do that--Stop! Stop!

I got a life and a career.You get one.

I don't understandwhy you can't get along.

The whole reasonthat we sat here--

Mama! Mama!

Be quiet!Hey! Hey! Mama!

I'm cool.You're not cool.

I am!