• Season 3, Ep 1

Is Willie Cheating On Shanda?

Shanda gets a surprise when Willie's ex, Kyesha, comes to the studio with proof that she and Willie are still dealing with each other.

08/15/2016 · 2:47

(Willie)After talking to Soulja Boyand Fizz about Shanda

getting back in the studiowith Blaze,

I'm feeling some type of way,

especially after he tooka crack at her.

I know they 'posed to getin the studio today,

and I'm thinking I might needto go find out what's going on.

So you ready to dothe solo thing?

I'm ready to do the solo--I can't do-- I can't--

I will not step another footin a damn group.

Let me tell you that,for real, for real.


I really don't carehow good of a producer you are.

You don't crackat a married woman.

And I'm not tryingto get in the way of Shanda's

creative flow or none of that,but at the end of the day, man,

I can't act like I'm super happyabout them working together.

(Shanda)So I'm sittingin my music session,

and this random-ass chickthat I don't know walks in.

I'm trying to figure,"All right.

May I help you, ma'am?"


I know it ain't Blaze wife.

I'm like,who the (bleep) is this?

I just wantedto come talk to you.


Some things thatyou do need to know

about what your husbandis doing.

(Willie)I thought about popping inon Shanda and Blaze,

but at the end of the day,I just gotta trust Shanda.

She been so supportive of me,and I can't trip the first time

she gets a chanceto get back in the game

over some (bleep)that happened in the past.

Instead, I decided to booksome studio time of my own.

♪ I had my options ♪

I don't want Blazeall in my business,

so I asked her if we couldstep into the next room

so she could tell me about whatmy "husband"'s been doing.

So it's some thingsthat you do need to know

about how when Williecome in Chicago.

Okay.How he is contacting me.

So, if you wanna see this,what your husband is doing.

(Shanda)Willie's definitely been talkingto this ratchet-ass bitch.

She brought me text messages.

That's definitelyhis phone number,

along with a pictureof himself in his boxers.

How dumb can you be?

If Willie (bleep)with this ratchet-ass bitch,

I swear to God...

I'm gonna bury that mofo.

It's a lot of thingsthat you don't know.

Okay, but you know what?

And the reason why yourhusband is contacting me...

we're still (bleep).

Willie and I was dating12 years ago,

way before he even met Shanda.

But when me and him broke up,

we never stopped (bleep).

I came to L.A.

to show Shanda who her manreally in love with.

It ain't you, boo.It's me.

So I'll take your folder,

and I'll takeall of your proof...

That's just what it is,and the fact that you

didn't even know thathe tried to leave you

when you was pregnant.

And tried to get backwith me.

Okay, well...We're still married, sweetie.


I want to talk to himabout it first.

As a woman, I always wantedto be fair to another woman,

to hear her out,because if it's true,

I'm dealing with my husband.

This bitchdon't owe me (bleep).

Let's talk about it,'cause I would love to hearwhat Willie has to say.

Call him, call him up,bring him on out here.

Okay, baby.All right?