• Season 5, Ep 13

Lyfe Jennings Shocks Karlie Redd To The Floor

When Karlie Redd confronts Lyfe Jennings about being married, he does the unexpected and pulls out a ring.

07/04/2016 ยท 2:43

(Karlie)I purposely didn't go backto the hotel and curse Lyfe out.

Because I knew that those rumorsabout him being married,

he would totally deny it,

and he would just be, like,"Oh, you're crazy."


So, I waited tillhe left out this morning.

And I went straightto the chick's

social media account.

Let mesit over here.


And when I check,all I find out

is definitely they're married--Lyfe is married!

I have some (bleep)to get across my chest.

You know, we can skipall the formalities.

Let's go aheadand just what the (bleep)you're feeling here.

You know,I investigate everything.

This chick in Germany,

she's saying thaty'all married!

Did she post somethingthat say we was married?

Yes! She put "married,"question mark.

"No better for Lyfethan Karlie."

She said, "Married,"question mark, "No..."

Period, period, period.

"Better for Lyfe than Karlie,"question mark, "Yes."

No..."Better for Lyfe..."

I didn't read itthat way.

I read it,"No better than Karlie."

Yo, I mean, I saw the blogs.

You know, I was waitingon the homie Karlie

to say, you know,something about it.

But she ain't say nothing,so I was, like, you know,

I ain't gonna say nothingtill she say something.

That seem likethat's how we planned it

these days anyway,you know?

Keeping secretsfrom each other.

Skip all that, man.

I wanna say, you know,before you continue,

I heard (bleep) about what's--what's the homie name

that got the record labelor whatever?

What's his name?

Scrapp DeLeon.

That (bleep) wasin the club one night.

The (bleep) was, like,"Yo, your folks is up in here

with Scrapp, like,blah, blah, blah."

I say, "Nah, not Karlie--Karlie ain't cut like that

because we gotan understanding."

He like, "No, (bleep),she out here right now."

Okay, I beenhanging out with Scrapp.

Scrapp has beenchecking on me every day.

I had a flat tire,he came to my rescue.

I got drunk.

He's, like, "Yo,we need to get a room.

You cannot drivelike this."

He's so sweet and kind.

Taking youto a hotel room.

This is funnyto you, huh?

You don't think that'sembarrassing to me?

He's actually in jail now.

It's not likeI could ever be with him.

He got 20 years.

(Lyfe)Listen, I knewwho Karlie Redd was

when I firstgot with her, man.

I mean, we been pretty open.

Like, I tell her, you know,I like to check out

a little femaleuntil we get this thing moving

how we want it to be.

But, she ain'tnever admitted to me

that she deal with other dudesfrom time to time.

But now I'm finding out,like, she running around

with this old preschoollove romance with a dude

that's aboutto do a twomp in prison.

And that's not okay, man.So, you know what?

I blew out here to L.A.,you know,

just to let the lady know,Miss Karlie Redd,

how I feel aboutour situation.

I think that a lot of timesme and you are the same.

I know it's a lot of (bleep)popping and whatever.

And I don'twanna necessarily

give up on this(bleep) right here.

Let me just sayit like this, look.