• Season 5, Ep 19

The Boys Sell Tip's Valuables

The boys put together a yard sale to earn some money. The first items to go belong to T.I., and he is very upset about it.

09/12/2016 · 1:52

(tires screech)

So, what's going on over here?Nothing.

Would you like to buysomething from our sale?

What's up, Pops?

What's up yourself.

These are stolen goodsthey're selling out here.

This is,this is hot merchandise!

Okay? All this stuffout here is hot.

Oh, my goodness.Hey, man...

I'ma tell youwhat's gonna happen here.

That's gonna make its wayback to my mantelpiece.

All of my awards andall of my personal effects--Nah, bruh.

Man... y'all better goget that stuff back-- let's go.

(T.I.)Okay, so I look at the table ofstuff that they're selling here

and all of their stuffis my stuff.

This is the exact opposite

of what they'resupposed to be doing.

Listen, this came from Japan.

You can't evenbuy this anywhere.

Oh, you should bebehind here with us, man.

No, sir.You know all the history.

This is not--Come work with us.

(Major)That... is Japan?It's from Japan?

This hereis from Japan, yes.

Well, how did itget in your closet?


(Messiah)How did it getin your closet?

He bought it.How else would he get it?

Your daddywent to Japan.

And, look, I got you thisfrom Costa Rica.

Did you get--well, you know, you canonly hold on for so long.

We can't beno hoarder, Pops.

How much money I get?

It's in the box.

Okay, well, I'm gonna tell youwhat we're gonna do.

We're gonna donate thatto a charity of my choice

because you had no rightto sell it

and I'm gonna take itout your little old allowance

and I'm gonna replenishmy little old bankroll with it.

(laughing)So now I hopeyou enjoy yourself.

Kids are gonna learn a valuablelesson in entrepreneurship today

because nowinstead of making money,

they will be paying me backand donating money to charity.

That'll teach 'em.

I'ma tell y'all what,by the time I get off the phone,

my Grammys and plaquesbetter make their way

back up there to that house.

I tell you that much.Hello?

All right,get the Grammys, let's go.

Pops wanna poopon the party, so...