• Season 3, Ep 10

Fizz and Moniece Confront Jason Lee

Fizz and Moniece sit down with Jason Lee to discuss the origins of the alleged sex tape.

10/17/2016 ยท 3:05

(Fizz)I can give a (bleep)about all of that, bro.

Who got the tape?

Well, that's betweenthat person and her.

She know who got it.

So, let's ask her.

Welcome to the party.

Thank you for having me.

So, I'm taking this alleged tapevery seriously,

and I've already hadmy attorney begin to reach out

and take legal actionagainst all parties

that I knowto be involved thus far,

one of those peoplebeing Jason.

But I definitelywanted to see him

and speak to him for myself.

I need to knowwho this creep is

that passed this tape on to him.

So, it was broughtto my attention

that you have a tape.

I came to askfor the tape.

I don't have the tape.Who has the tape?

The person that is inthe tape with you.

You should knowwho the guy is.

I mean, he's inthe tape with you.

It seems that you don'twant to reveal the name.

Someone handed it to youwithout my consent.

It's my understandingthat that is illegal

for you to takeand for them to give,

and for Brandito solicit.

Let me say this.

I just, driving here,got an email

from your attorneysspeaking on your behalf

with all theseveiled threats...

Mm-hmm....and all paintingthis picture

that I am tryingto exploit you and extort you.

And let me just say,there ain't no crime,

and I havea First Amendment right.

It is what it is, but we'll letthe attorneys deal with that.

Moniece wants to intimidate meby getting lawyers involved,

but I know my rights,I've done nothing wrong.

I could spin thiswhole situation

and point the fingerat Brandi and Princess.

I mean, they are the reason

why I got involvedin the first place.

And now, I'm the onefacing legal repercussions.

But I'm not gonna do that,because I was actually happy

to bring Moniecedown a notch.

If I have to go through youto get to the tape,

that's the ultimate goal.

For me, it was nothing morethan dealing with the person

who violated my privacy.

This is the thing I don't likeabout the girls in Hollywood.

You all doall kinds of (bleep).

I find out about it,do my job,

then I become the messy guy,the bad guy, the big bad wolf,

when I'm doing my job.

(Fizz)Moniece has her faults,

but Jason is wrongas a mother(bleep).

What's your angle, bruh?

Like, are you reallyjust that messy?

You don't feel somethingto that nature

through this so-calledline of respect that we have

for one another that youshouldn't have reached out

to me first about that?Well, Fizz, listen.

Letting people know,like Brandi,

that there's sex tapefloating around...Uh-huh?

and you not calling me about it?

Yeah?Is obviously exploitingsome bull(bleep).

Okay.So, I'm sitting here today

asking you what's the beefwith you and Moniece, bro?

Because right now...So, to go that way--

...you going in a little bittoo deep, bro.We're gonna have a conversation

but I'm not goingto argue with you.You going in a little bit

too deep right nowI'm not gonna yellback and forth.

If you wanna talk,let's talk.with this whole thing.

Me and all my writerspull receipts on everybody.

You, everybody.That's just what we do.

I release 'em when it's timeto release 'em.

You're doing thisfor your blog.

No, I'm doing thisto send a very clear message.

You need to starttaking responsibility

for the thingsyou say and do,

and don't act likea (bleep) victim.

You throw a rock, you gonnaget a rock thrown at you.

I do not consentto the dissemination

of this tape, and I will havemy attorney reach out,

and that's howI'll get the name.

Who's on the tape, bruh?She know.

I mean--What does he do?

He's a rapper.A known rapper?