• Season 5, Ep 20

T.I. Gets Suspicous When The Boys Make K-Dubb A Steak Dinner

T.I. gets a hint something is going on behind his back when the boys make T.I. a cheese sandwhich and K-Dubb gets a steak dinner.

09/19/2016 ยท 2:39

(Messiah)Aight, y'all.

(King)Hey, K Dubb!

Sit it right here.Sit it right here.

Hey, hold up, cuz.

Man, you think I'ma sitover here

and eat thiswhile you gonna...

No, I'ma sitover here.

(T.I.)Okay, now, enough is enough.

This where I draw the damn line.

So they go in my freezer,get my damn steaks out of there.

Make this joker a steak dinner.

Give me two lousy piecesof bread

with some cheesein the middle.

This means war in my house.

I want answers.

What's the deal here?

You wanted a sandwich,right?

Okay, okay, I get it.

Y'all gonna go celebrateChristmas somewhere else.

No.Y'all ain't bring no dessertor nothing, man.

Dessert?Dessert, man?

You ain't even cutyour steak yet.

I like to eat it allat the same time.

I like upside downpineapple cake.

King, come talk,come here.

(Domani)You know what?

I'm tired of K Dubb'sshenanigans and foolery.

My name is notTom McFoolery.Yes, it is.

So I don't fool aroundaround town.

So it's notgoing down like that.

What?Hold up.

Mmm, mmm.Is there a problem?

All right, you takethe punishment...

Yeah, you did it.

And we'll go ahead and...We gonna...

Come on, let's go.Okay.

Pops, King threw the ballat the vase!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.We, we, we.

There's a broken vasein my house?

That's what I've beentrying to tell you.

You ain't been tryingto tell me (bleep).

You ain't told me all daywas nothing but calm down.

That's all you said.

I asked you a thousand times,how in the hell

these little hooligansended up washing your car

and making you stufffor free.

And then you just sat thereand play stupid

like you ain't knowwhat was going on.

King threw the ballat the vase.

Wait a minute,I ain't got to you yet.

(King)This is how it all went down.

So Domani was like,"You know what?

"Let's go aheadand play catch.

King, come on, King,throw the ball."

And I threw it,and he moved out the way.

And then the vase broke.

Notice how you ain't hearmy name in nothing he said.

You know what, I don't haveto be a part of this.

I'm getting out of here.Whoa, whoa,sit down now.

Hey, man, I don't haveto be a part--

You don't come to nobody's houseand start (bleep) and leave.

We gonna see thisthrough together.

Now look, this is what'sgonna happen, guys.

All of y'all are gonnago out there and wash my car.

Oh, no, no,come on, no.

Damn, 'cause now y'allowe me for a vase.

And I'ma eatthe damn steak.

Hey, man, you got it.

You gotta calm down.

Don't you goddamntell me

no more in my houseto calm down!

Do you hear me?

I'll eat the sandwich, man.

Oh, you really wannaeat that?

Hell, yeah.

Check this out, right?

I thought K Dubbwas gonna eat it,

so I licked my fingerand stuck it in there.


I licked my fingerand stuck it in there.

Are you serious?

Show me whereyou did it.

I'd rather not.I'm just gonna wash the car.

Hey, yeah,come on, man.


Y'all going out thereand wash that car.

Get on out there.