• Season 3, Ep 4

Will Max Forgive Brandi?

Brandi pops up at the strip club to beg Max for forgiveness, but Max is not having it.

09/05/2016 ยท 2:50

I got the callfrom my boy Matt.

He's going outat the strip club on Hollywood.

Why don't I come through?So, I said, why not?

Let's rep for the lowlifes.

But D saw us on Instagramand came up to the strip club,

and I don't knowwhen I'm going home

'cause I'm having too much funbeing in the streets.

Hey, Ray.

What's up?

Can I talk to you, please?

Away from her wack ass.

Max has not been homesince the store opened.

I know I messed up,

and I'ma do what I got to doto get my husband,

but I swearthis mother(bleep) location

already got me feelingsome type of way.

Guess I'm gonna haveto smell stank (bleep)

while I talkto my husband,

but if that's whatI got to do, I'ma do it.

What's up?

I miss you.

I know that I(bleep) up.

I want you to understandwhy I did that.

I couldn't say to you,

"Oh, I want to takethe whole 27

and put itinto a business."

You couldn'tsay to me what?

Name one timesince the day we met

I ever said no.

My intent wasto impress you

and do something amazingfor our son.


Not only am I gonna putall the 27 back,

but I'm putting backmore than the 27.

(Bleep) the money 'causeI'll put the money back.

I don't careabout the money.

Lying to you was stupid,

and I need youto understand

that at the time,it was a good lie

that was gonnapay off later.

A good lie. So, nowthere's lies that are good?

I just want you to knowthat at the end of the day,

it'll never reallybe the same.

Like, we wasBonnie and Clyde,

and now it's like...You know what I'm saying?

And we still are.You got your savings,I got my savings.

No. No.You got your account,I got my account.

We'll just keep everythingseparate from now on.

I don't even understandwhy you're here right now.

I'm here right now

because your sonneeds you to come home.

When anybody walkspast the door,

he goes, "Daddy!Daddy Max!

Coming! I coming!"

And then he look at me,say, "Open door.

Open door. Open door."

And I don't want toopen the (bleep) door

because I knowit's not you.

Like, get the (bleep)out of here.But I swear to God,I'm telling the truth.

Of course I miss my son,my little baby boy,

but she's in my face

trying to fish me in with himlike bait.

It's likeI got to once again show her

the way you're approaching thisain't right.

If you really want to apologize,then just be up front

and be like"I did some bull(bleep).

This is what I did.Do you forgive me?"

Don't sit up hereand act like I'm not worth it.

You come homefor me and the baby.

But life is notpromised to nobody.

Nobod-- No.Listen, listen.

This is a clear exampleof you trying to get your way.

Hey, hey...And I can't--

I can't reduceour son--

It's been two nights!You got to meet this (bleep)!