• Season 3, Ep 5

Kyesha Crashes Shanda's Performance

After Shanda performs at an open mic night, Kyesha makes a surprise appearance and attacks Shanda.

09/12/2016 · 2:42

♪ Ah, what we gon' do ♪

♪ To solve thingsin the way... ♪

♪ But won't let go ♪

♪ But sometimes I want youto handle me ♪

♪ Even if I was dirty,'cause I'm in love ♪

Tonight is the nightof my open mic and, honestly,

it couldn't come any sooner.

I feel like it wasfinally a time

where I can justfocus on me.

I've been workingso hard on my music,

and I'm readyto start sharing it.

♪ Why give the one... ♪

♪ If you can forgive him ♪♪

(cheering and applause)

Thank you so much.

(Teairra)Seeing Shanda on stageis very inspiring to me.

It gives me even more motivationto put my past behind me

and focus on the futureof my career.

You sound amazing.

Thank you, you know, I was(bleep) nervous up there.

This is my firsttime getting back...

And you need to keepthrowing yourself out there.

Thank you.

I'm happy to see thatyou're really going for it

and not putting your dreamson the back burner anymore.

I've been doing thissince I was a young girl.

Yeah, before him.

Before my husband,before I met him, so...

Just please, let mejust concentrate on me.

Just becauseyou're a mom,

that's not where yourlife stops, you know?

You still have to dowhat Shanda wants to do.

(man) All right, y'all, put your hands together.

We just have a special guest.

All the way from Chicago!

Everybody start clapping right now for KyRaQ, y'all!

(cheering and applause)

(Shanda)Who shows up at the samemother(bleep) place?

That's her?

See, I'm aboutto lose my (bleep).

It's one thing to sleepwith a married man.

But it's another thingto keep popping up on me.

She a stalker,and she's crazy.

You're stalkingthe (bleep) out of me.

Bitch, you told meshe was crazy.

I didn't knowthat crazy.

I saw on Instagram that Shandawas performing at an open mic.

Since Shanda don'twanna hear me out,

I put it all in the song.

Maybe she'll hear me outwhen I'm on stage.

(cheering and applause)

They say the truth hurt.

Some bull(bleep).

Ohh, get the (bleep) out!

Mother(bleep) save thisgroovy-ass bitch!

♪ ...with it, when it comesto Benz, we go get it ♪

♪ Bitch, understand,I don't need you, man ♪

♪ You just love to cheat,and you with it ♪

♪ (bleep) out my face ♪

♪ 'Fore I put youin your place ♪

♪ (rapping indistinctly) ♪

♪ Give me my space,give me my space ♪

♪ When he mad at you,he come to me ♪

♪ For 12 yearswe been creeping ♪

♪ For 12 years hebeen cheating ♪

♪ That's weeknightsplus weekends ♪

♪ The only thing on methat's fat is my ass ♪

Come over here, bitch!Come over here, bitch!

(bleep),come over here!

Don't come too close.