• Season 5, Ep 16 · Bonus

Ariane Discusses Her Day With K.Michelle

At her party, Ariane updates the girls about her day shadowing K.Michelle.

07/25/2016 · 1:29

So, yeah,I wanna thank everybody

for coming out tonight.

I have a surprise,it's very special.

I've been working onsome things.

And I wanted everybodythat's closest to me--

You guys have alwaysbelieved in me

and supported mein everything, so.

I'm really glad that y'allare all here.

I didn't tell you that I wentto New York with K. Michelle

on her promo tour

and honestly, girls, like it wasvery, very inspiring.

I'd never seen herin this element.

I know we allhave our thing with K.

Everybody has a thing with K.

But to see her in this elementand to see her like this,

I put all that (bleep) tothe side and I went to K's show.

But after the show,

we were supposed to getin the car together,

and for some odd reason,I don't know what happened,

we separated.

And I'm like,"Well, what the (bleep)?

You leaving me out herehanging?"

She's a (bleep) asshole.Right.

No, no, no, I-I beento one of her shows.

It gets crazy.She not like that.

You always trying to stick upfor mother(bleep)who ain't (bleep),

Karlie, whatever.

I asked her why she left me,

and she gave meher reason

and all I could do is deal with,

I'm not gon' fight youon no (bleep).

I'm not gonna goback and forth.And you were cool with that?

Yeah, I'm cool, like, Karlie,

why am I gon'argue about something?

This (bleep) is doneand over with.

I'm trying to move...No, no.

...all the way the (bleep) up.Right.

So for me to sit and argue

about some (bleep) that'salready happened, that's stupid.

I accepted thatand I'm moving on.

I got bigger fish to fry.

Like my music.