• Season 3, Ep 3

Moniece and Princess Come Face-To-Face

After all the feuding online, Princess and Moniece come face-to-face to address the issues between them.

08/29/2016 ยท 2:17

(Moniece)Princess reached out to me

because she clearly feelssome type of way

about the thingsthat I've been saying.

I'm going to obligethis conversation

because I can't keepletting these bitches

get a rise out of me.

(chair screeches)


I'm sick and tired

of hiding behind camerasand computer screens.

Say it to my face.

Why you always havemy mother(bleep) namein your mouth?

I just don't understand.I don't understand.

I cannot put my fingeron it, Moniece.

I done let too manyinterviews fly over my head.

Bitch, you crossedthe line.

You slanderedmy (bleep) name.

You know why?

My issue with you began

when you saidwhat you said about my son.

No, stop withthe motherhood stuff.

Moniece is always tryingto play the victim,

and she's always using criticismof her motherhood

as groundsto bash somebody else.

Moniece likes to dish (bleep)to everybody else

but can't handle itwhen the tables are turned.

All this Twitterfinger (bleep),

you like to sit hereand attack people

from behind your computer

like you're some typeof Twitter thug.

(Moniece)If Princess had a child

then maybe she would understandthe maternal instinct

to protect your babyand serve the first bitch

to cross that boundary.

Say all this (bleep)to my face now.

Say it to anybody's face.

Let me know when you're done.I'm not done.

You're a weak-ass bitch.

Okay.You're pathetic.

You can't say nothingto my face.

I'm sorry thatyou feel that way.

I'm sorry thatyou are that way.

You're on the shade,

you've been on the Internetattacking people all day.

Because peopleattack me all day!


You do it, I see it.No, Princess.

You're not letting meget a word out edgewise.

Just relax for two seconds.

I apologize.

You don't have to--It's a little toolate for that.

But when you speakon my child...

Bitch....you neverapologized for that.

Bitch, I don'thave to apologize.

You didn'tapologize for that.

So if you can't apologize

for the things thatyou said about my child

and the thingsthat you said about me--

Bitch, (bleep) you.(bleep) you.

Well, then the conversationis over.

Don't thinkthat's it's over, bitch.

From this day forward--

(Princess)If Moniece thinks for one second

that I bought that sorry-ass,long-ass apology,

she's got to be delusional.

She's got no more chancesto say anything about me.