• Season 5, Ep 16

Major Takes On Soccer

T.I. takes to Major to a soccer practice to see if it's the sport for him.

08/15/2016 ยท 3:33

(TI)Come on, man.

See, now, soccer isa team sport.

Now, a team sport,you gotta work together

with the other membersof your team

so your teamcan get the victory.

Hey, what's going on, man?Hey, how you doing?

How you doing, buddy?Good, how you doing?

I'm all right,I can't complain.

Yeah?This is, this is Major.

Major, how you doing, bud?

(TI)So I called ahead, man,

to find out who was the besttrainer for soccer

for kidsin the neighborhood,

and I was introducedto Nick.

So I asked Nick if hecould give Major some pointers

along with someother kids.

I want you guys to dribblein a circle, all right?

Dribble, dribble--

There you go,good job, Major.

Keep going, keep going.Keep going.

There you go,good job, good job.

(Major)Dang it!

It's all right,it's all right.

You gotta practice.

Come on, Major.

Go-- there you go.

Get the ball,get the ball, get the ball.

All right, next.

Nice!Try again, try again.

You gotta score,you gotta score.

Keep going,keep trying, keep trying!

Whoa, you're all right.

Here, let me help you up.I'm good.

Always help a teammate up,all right?

There you go, good job.All right.

All right, we're gonna play alittle two on two, okay?

(Nick)Major, Luanna, over here.

All right,you guys ready?

(Major)I was born ready.

Okay, yeah, you were.

(Nick)All right, set, go.

Get the ball, no hands,don't use your hands!

Go, Major, go!Go, Major, there you go!

Go, go, go!Right here, right here.

Go!Go, oh, keep going!

Keep going!Nice!

Oh, goal!Thank you!

Good job!

Good job, good job.

Run down the field, Major,run down the field.

(Major)This game is serious.

(Nick)There we go.

Ready, set...


Here we go.

No hands, no hands.Whoa!

Oh, man down!

There you go, get up.

Spread out, pass the ball,pass the ball.


Okay, so one pro is Major islearning the value of teamwork.

When you're on a team,

your teammates are supposed tohelp you when you're down.

'Cause he's down a lot.

(panting)It's all getting very tiring.

(Nick)You tired?


You guys want to playto one more goal?


All right, how about you guysswitch sides, switch sides.

First I'm gonnahave one for you,

then you pass it backand I pass it back to you

and we'll makea goal, okay?

(Nick)One more goal, all right,

and that's gonna be it.

All right?



Go, Major.

Go, Major.

(Nick)Stay right there, Major.


Oh!Don't go out, Major.



Oh, gosh.

Man, nice goal,nice goal.

Okay, nice goal.

Good game, good stuff.

You guys want togo get a water?

I beat you!Come on, let's go get you guyssome water, come on.

Oh, yeah.

Cool shirt, by the way.


My name's Zack, by the way.Zack.

That's Alex.Oh.

(TI)It looks like soccerhas been a success,

and as an added bonus,he met some new friends.

Now, this is what beinga kid is about.

So what'd you think?It was good.

You like it?Mm-hmm.

Think about coming back?


Now, see if you canget this ball past me.

Okay.Come on.


(Major grunting)

Dang it!

You gotta get itback together now.

Get in front of it.

Go-- dang it!

I'm over...come on back.

Yes!You got it.

Even though Major seemslike he needs more practice,

soccer may be for him.

But we'renot gonna stop there.

We're gonna push past ourlimitations

and try new sports.

And you knowthe thing about it is,

the more you come andpractice stuff,

the better you get.

At least I got a newfriend and it was fun,

that's what it's about,what it's all about,

having fun.

(TI)Right on, buddy.

I'm proud of you.

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