• Season 3, Ep 10

Lyrica G Fights Back Against A1 and Pam

As an act of revenge, Lyrica G comes over to the house and has A1's car towed away.

10/17/2016 ยท 3:06

Even though my wifeis pissed at me,

I'm still floatingon cloud nine

from giving her mom

that waist trainerat the barbecue.

Who made this?

I don't know.Think my mom.

Bro, your momneeds some sugar.


They towing your car.

What you mean?Hurry.



what you doing?

Doing my job.

(A1)Give me them keys, bro.

You ain't towingnothing.

You're gonna respectmy man's car.

You're not towing(bleep).

Take your thing.Now, come on.

(A1)Am I tripping, bro?Who sent you to do this?

Lyrica Garrett.

Oh, I seewhat's going on here.

When I first got the car,I had credit issues,

so her mom got itin her name.

Well, she gotanother thing coming

if she think I'm gonna justlet her get away with this.

Ah, man!

If I'm such a bad person,

then why would I have allowed A1to get a car in my name?

A1 should have learnedfrom his mama

don't bite the handthat feeds you.

Oh, well.Too late now, buddy.

You had him tow the car?

It's my car.I own it.

(tow truck driver)Watch the truck, man.Get off the truck, man.

You know,I've been in situations

where a tow truck driverhas came and taken my car.

So when I saw thishappening to A1,

I just feltlike I wanted to help.

I paid the car off.

I told you,don't (bleep) do that.

Yeah, you ain't got nothingto do with it.

I'm his mom--You don't (bleep)nothing to do with it.

I told you, don't (bleep)pay this bitch-ass car off!

(Pam)This lady really needsto get a hobby.

She's so bitter and unsatisfiedwith her own life,

but towing my son's caris cross the line.

So, you're gonna tow the car,and I just paid for it.

Well, it's my car.I have the pink slip.

I kept telling you--It's cool.

It wasn't your moneythat (bleep) paid for it!

If she keeps talking,it's gonna be a problem.

I don't give a (bleep)!

Come on!

Come on!Bitch!

Lyrica's mom is nothingbut a spiteful, bitter woman.

I let a lot of (bleep)slide under the rug,

but she's not getting awaywith this one this time.

(Lyrica Garrett)Here.

I have your moneyright here.

Here's your money.

Take the car.Stupid ass (bleep)!

I'm gonna takeyour (bleep).

Then I'm gonnacall the police.

(Bleep) you.Call the police.

Next time you wantto play car thief,

make sure you don't leaveyour own keys

in your car, genius.Deuces.

Now let's see you payfor this mother(bleep)!

Since you doing that,you poor bitch!

You want to talk to me?Come on, bitch!

Come on!

I swear to God,I'll (bleep) you up!

I don't ever wantto be around her.

What the hell is wrongwith these people?

Who the hell would say,"You know what?

I'm gonna getmy son-in-law's car towed."

Them people, they're puttingsome mad vibes out.

You see me?

You mad 'cause my sonwon't give you

no money, bitch!

Your son don't haveno money.

That's why he's drivingmy car.

No, I tell you what!

You gonna see, bitch.

Okay, so take it away.