• Season 3, Ep 5 · Bonus

Lyrica Confides In Teairra About Eloping With A1

Lyrica talks to Teairra about the dinner she and A1 had with their mothers and the possibility of eloping.

09/12/2016 · 3:05


I could havea field day in here.

I know me too.

And you know what?I just started wearing,

like wigs inthe last two years.

My mom used to tellme I was gonna--

Like, "you gonnawear a wig."My mom too.

I was fighting her.

Actually, this looks likemy mom right here all day.

Lyrica G., there you are.

Speaking of...What's going on?


Oh, my gosh.

So, we were supposed to doa four-way dinner thing.Okay.

So, like, me and him,his mom, and my mom.

A double mom date.Double mom date.

And he got me a new ring,

like he upgraded,so I'll show it to you.

Oh! It's very pretty.Yes.

Thank you very much.Okay, yeah.

You like?Thank you.So does Mother approve?


Our parents end up having a hugeargument, a huge fight.

And it was likea bittersweet moment

because I was so happy

with everything elsethat was going on.And they weren't.

And then they ruined itbecause they argued and left

and they didn'tget to even see it.

So, A1 and I wenthome and talked,

and he asked meto elope.



He made a good point.

He said because our parentsmanaged to ruin, you know,

special momentsby them arguing.

You know, even him presentingthe ring at the dinner,

it went haywire.

And so he's like, "I feel likethey'll ruing our wedding,

so let's just go elope."

What are you gonna do, honey?That's crazy.

I just feel overwhelmed.

Like, I really don'twant to hurt my mom.

Like, just talking about itright now I get teary-eyed.

Because it's just like,I know this will make her

be like, "whoa..."

You know,but I want her support.

I want her to be like,

"yay, baby. Okay, I love it.Good. Okay. Ooh, girl!"

Yeah, but you know you'renot gonna get that.


She's gonna be upset,I'm sure.

You dealingwith a monster, honey.

So, your best bet...Oh, my gosh.

...is to putyourself first

and do what the hellyou want to do.

You love your mom,but you can't keep

putting her before you.Me.

I've never let my momdown in her life.

But I've never come to my momlike, oh, I'm on drugs,

or I did this.Throwing bombshells, yeah.

Or I'm tripping or...Mom, I'm 15 and pregnant.


Like, so this willbe the first time

that I ever have to face herand tell her something

that I know is gonnabreak her heart.

Just slow down because what youjust compared it to is crazy.

You talking aboutwanting to marry

the love of your lifeand be happy.I know.

That don't make sense.

I know, right?It don't.

Let her know.

Like, you gotta...

"Hey listen.This is what it is.

"This is what happened.

"I want you to bea part of my life,

"but I'm notgonna force you.

Okay.But I'm happy."

Now what you gonna say?

Why don't you tellit to this wig here?

Oh, my God!No. (laughing)

This is-- This is kind of howyour mom's hair is.

Yes, I swearI could do it.


So what was you gonna say?Go ahead.

Mom, you haveto understand I love you.

(mimicking)I don't understand (bleep)!

(squeals, laughs)

And then her hairis in her face.

Girl, I can'tsee your eyes. Okay.

Girl, I'm gonna tell you.You need to buy this wig

and talk to it nightlybefore you elope.