• Season 5, Ep 16

Tiarra and KK Celebrate King's Birthday

Tiarra, KK, and Sas come together for King's birthday party which includes an emotional call from Scrapp.

07/25/2016 · 3:30

(Tiarra)So it's King's birthday party,

and I'm so excited--me and KK planned

this huge extravaganza.

And we did it without rippingeach other's faces off.


After the tearfulmakeup session that we had,

I wasn't 100% sure that the oldlady had turned a new leaf.

Hey!Hey, boy!

But she's so excitedabout today,

and she's reallyon her best behavior.

I am praying for a fun daywith no drama,

'cause I would hateto show my black ass

in front of all these kids.

Who is that?

Oh, that's my friend,J-Nicks.

He was coming to help.

Come on, kids.Y'all will be back in a minute.

(Karen)I know J-Nicksand Scrapp are friends.

The situation is just trashy.

It's just not right.

My son is gone.He's in jail.

And you pop in the doorwith this man.

This is King's party.

But I thought--And it's no disrespect.

Are you leaving?


KK kick me out the party.

I have to respect us,so I have to respect her wishes.

No worries.It's all good.

I got respect for Sas.I got respect for Scrapp.

I would neverdisrespect a mama,

no matter howshe talk about me.

If she want me to leave,I'm gone.

See you later.(chuckling)I'll see you.

It's just one moment.

I don't want any outsiders,boyfriends, or whatever else.

I just don't wantanybody here

and his dad's not here.

I just don'tthink it's right.

He's a nerd,and he's not cute.

(both laughing)

I just want youto do better, bitch.

(Karen)At least Tiarracan do one thing right,

and respect my wishes.

I'm not gonna have itany other way.

(Sas)It's my nephew King'sbirthday today.

I'm mad my brothernot here to see it.

But we gonna hold it down,we gonna make sure

my nephewhave a great time.

Glad to see y'all twoworking together.

Everything looks good.I'm proud of y'all.

She's been raisinghell all...

Can I geta group hug?

Ohh. Love y'all.

It's very important for meto be there for my nephew

and be a good influence to him,'cause my brother's gone.

So that's where I step inand make sure

he's getting taughtthe right things

while my brother'sgone away.


(all cheering)

Every day, King asks us whenhis father's gonna come home.

And it's on days like today

that he really,really misses Scrapp.

King, come here.

I'm not ready to take Kingto see his dad.

I just think he's too young,and I don't want

to expose himto that environment.

(Scrapp) Happy birthday, boy!

Who is that?

But, KK and I, we've plannedthe next best thing.

(King)Hi, Daddy.


I love you, too.

(Tiarra)What's wrong?


Love you, too.(sniffles)

Come on, baby.

(Tiarra)It's hard on everyone,but especially King.

His dad is his best friend.

I'm trying everythingto make this family work

while Scrapp is gone,

but having Sasand KK around

will make things easierfor King.