• Season 3, Ep 6 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 3 Episode 6: The Miscombobulated Night Of Hell

Safaree and Nikki discuss what went down when Nikki got caught while Moniece and Masika throw major shade at Brandi for interrupting Max's studio session with Masika.

09/19/2016 · 8:25

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Check Yourself.Season Three.

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You'll be getting our natural...

And very honest reactions.

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The scene that you're about tosee is me, the good badman,

about to catch Nikki and Rosaall up in each other's mouth.

Oh, God,the night of hell.

They were shockedwhen I told them about you.


If you look, like,to her history of guys...

it's not, like,the greatest list.

I had to go througha few bad ones

to find a good one.

You've been through,like, all of the bad ones.

(laughing)Oh, here we go.

Slight drag.

All right, well, look, I'm aboutto go get dressed in the back

and get myself together.

Okay.All right?

We'll be back.

Okay, bye.Bye.

Oh, the stunt man!

Uh-oh. This is when I getin really big trouble.

Pretty much take anything,and I felt like that was

the same thing.Okay.

Only thing waswas, like, me...What's up?

His hair looks scared.

Oh, hey, you look nice.Hi.

Where's Nikki at?

I don't knowwhere she is.

Teairra is such a liar.

That's why you'remy friend, bitch.

'Cause you took an L for me.

I don't know where she is.


Well, I got...I got caught.

I hope Safaree got a littlehorny when he saw us.

What's up?What's up?

What's up?

I asked you if therewas any other type

of side fishy businessgoing on, and you said...

No.This is notfishy business.

Okay, let me--

If I don't know about it,it's fishy business.

Who are you?Let me talk.

I, I have notbeen totally honest.

I have been seeingboth of you.

I don't really have anythingto say at this moment.

I'm gonna just pause.


Are y'all, like, ina full-blown relationship

or you just dip on some,some ballgame vibes.

Some what?


I've been intimatewith her and...

Ballgame, y'all,both of y'all!

What's intimate meanfor y'all two?

I think you knowwhat intimate means...

No, I don't.

I mean, like, you know,that we play with each other

and snuggle and, like,those kind of things?

I just don't understandwhy you care so much

if she's not your girlfriend.

You don't what meand her have been doing.

Honey, you guys are notbuilding a goddamn thing.

And what are you building?

You tell me that you're notdealing with anyone else...

Another man.

To be so misleadingand say you wasn't messing

with no other guysand be so specific...

you know what you were doing,

and that,that is wrong.

Bad Nikki!

Bad, bad Nikki!

Why are you mad?It's not a guy.

She doesn't have a (bleep).It's a girl.

But she doesn'thave to be explaining you

a goddamn thing anyways.

Yes, she do.

Mind your (bleep) business.


This is what I wanna know,'cause she's acting,

like, feisty right now.

I want whatever you have.


I want the both of y'all.

Yeah! Two (bleep)!


Ehh!That's a slight...

not gonna happen.I'm sorry, boo.

Brah, I'm waitingfor you to leave.

Like, you takingforever to leave.



I'm gonna leave but don'tthink that when I leave,

just, I'm never gonna speakto her or see her again.

I'll kick your (bleep) ass.

She looked angry.I wouldn't want her

to swing at meor nothing like that.

But at the same time,I'm, like, damn.

Look sexy, so, I can'tbe all the way mad.

The scene you're about to seeis "She-Wawa," AKA Lil' Brandi

acting a foolas per the usual.

♪ I'm doing fine on my own ♪Beat it! Ooh!

♪ Rather be alone ♪

♪ Than to be blinded, misguided ♪

♪ I'm done with them all ♪

Oh, oh, hold on.

The song was goodbut then I saw...

I saw the grill master.I'm confused.


That record was dope.Thank you, thank you.

You wrote thatwhile you were pregnant?

Yeah. I was goingthrough a lot, but...

I feel like where I am nowand where I was then...

When does the pygmy pop in?'Cause I know it's coming.

...create something new,kind of progressive,

like, from my ownto now, where I am now.

So, we gonna kickit in fifth gear

and do something forthis project ASAP.Yeah.

Ah, there she is.

Baggy clothes.

Swap meet bag and all.

Here we go.

Hey, babe.


What's up?Hello.

What's going on here?

Working, bitch.What do you know about it?

Excuse me, you know...

for being a littlemiscombobulated,

but I'm trying to understandwhat the (bleep) this is.

Miscombobulated?Isn't it discombobulated?

So, when did you startedworking with her again?

When did you started?

Miscombobulated? So whendid you started working?

What the (bleep)?

Did you,did you go to school?

Are you seriousright now?Am I serious? Because--

It's, like, you saying,like, for you to be...

The last timethis situation happened,

you know,my business partner...Oh, my God.

and you know all whatwas said and told to me.

Why are you yellingin my...

Why does she talk likethat dentures mouth?

The little screw-up one,you know?

You know, the teeth?

I'm just a littleconfused here.

Me too, Sika.I'm confused, too.

I'm miscombobulatedand I don't know

when you started-edthe session.

Well, what I was previouslytold a couple years ago

from my best friend who wasalso my business partner...

Oh, the--the business partner

that you stole the moneyfrom your husband?

You were tryingto sleep with her man.

(laughing)Oh, you're talking about

the guy that tried tosleep with me,

but I wouldn't even talk to himor give him the time of day?

That guy.You're talking about that guy.

The loser guy....all his text messages.

I saw the messages thatmy best friend showed me.

No, you did not.She did show me some.

Honey, 'cause I stillhave my phone.

Show me the receipts.Show me the receipts.

This is mess.What is mess?

Busting up in a session,

trying to ask himwhat's going on.

If I say there's no session,there will be no session.

That's not true.

That is verymother(bleep) true.

Listen, Masika.Sit down.

Your tone is here...

Did you hear what she said?and it needs to be here.

Yeah, and he's notdefending you!

Because you're an animal!

You're not evena cute animal.

You're like a mangy (bleep)rescue pet, like, uhh!

Get her out of my face.Get her out of my face.


You and all of those teethneed to get out of my face.


Max, put your dogon a leash.Yo, this conversation...

(Bleep).All right.

And you best stop talking,(bleep), little girl.

I'ma let the (bleep)calm on down

and I'm gonna go home.

That right thereis a problem.

That disrespectfullittle bitch...

You're the little bitch.

I'm the big bitch,Mama, okay?

Don't you ever forget that.

She want a hit recordfrom you?

Bitch is not real talent.It don't matter.

(Bleep) real(bleep) star...

(Bleep) real...Who you talking to?

You looking at the flooror you looking at me?

I'm talking tothe bitch that just

walked out of here,disrespecting me.

There's nobody in here.And you let herdisrespect me.

A'ight,so check this out.You're my husband...

and I'm your wife, right?

No, I'm not for nothing.

Oh, you're not?Ooh!No.

I'm nothing to you?She done?

2, 4, 6, 8,10, 11, 12...All right.

You can count?

You know how much thestudio cost to rent today?

No, let me explain to you.

Do you know how much thestudio cost to rent today?

I respected your moneyand I put back 15,000...

You don't respectmy money.

We're supposed to give thisbitch a round of applause

for returning stolen funds?

Like, nah,when she doubles that,

then maybe she canbe free of it.

I'm out. I don't wanna talkabout (bleep) no more.

Another session successfullyshut down by Lil' B.


I'm really disappointed inmyself right now because

I tried to give this mosquitothe benefit of the doubt,

but she is the Zika virus thateveryone's been talking about.

I tired to warn her.

I was warned...

about this yapping andflapping and flailing and...

stalking and popping up.

Let me just tell youwhat it is about Brandi.

She's delusional.

There's no way around it.

But, I'm, like, come on, guys,like, you're joking.

No bitch can be that crazy.

You that crazy.You real crazy.