• Season 5, Ep 13

D. Smith Meets CeeLo Green

Betty Idol organizes a meeting between D. Smith and CeeLo Green so that the two can share music ideas and possibly work together.

07/04/2016 · 2:48

(Betty)I'm so excited.

This is one ofthose moments, like,

this is pretty muchis gonna change our lives.

(D. Smith)Today, Betty is gonna introduceme to one of her friends

that happens to beone of the biggest artists

and producers in the game.

I am so excited.

I was put on this earthto make music.

And if this meeting goes well,

my career could goto the next level.

Hi, divas.Good to see you.

Come on in.

D is an amazing songwriterand artist.

Still, the worlddoesn't even know

what she'scapable of musically,

and the same is true for me.

So, now it's time for meand D to work with...

CeeLo Green!

Hey, sweetie,what's up?

Hey.How you doing?

Hi, CeeLo.I'm D. Smith,how are you?

Pleasure to meet you.Nice to meet you.

You too.Hey, y'all come on overand sit over here.

Two years ago,a homie of mine

played CeeLo Greensome of my music,

and then CeeLo went bonkersfor one of my tracks,

and he cut the record,

and ever since then,he's been a mentor to me.

Here's to meeting you, D.(Betty Idol)Cheers.

It's niceto meet you.

So, I wantedto bring D. to meet you.

She has all these amazingrecords and I know, like,

you'd love it,and she's just incredible.

I take business personally,you know what I'm saying?

'Cause I wanna get the chanceto know you personally if I can.

First and foremost,I think by now,

you know, my lifeis in a new place.

I'm transitioning...from male to female.

And that has been

very gratifying

and very challengingas well.

You know, a lotof the phone calls

and lot of the conversationsI used to have

with a lot of peoplein the industry have changed.

I mean, you know what,I understand.

I think about, you know,a great deal.

I guessit's natural for me

to just embrace people,you know,

that are different,that are unique.

So you write, produce,just everything?

Yeah, there'sa song, actually,

that I really,really want you to hear.

I usually am not reallyjust so open

and everything,like, you know.I know.

But, I mean,I'm down to hear it.

You're gonna love it.All right.

Can I send itto you Bluetooth?

Yeah, just kind of AirDropinto the Wi-Fi.

Okay, all right.

♪ Look at that fancy girl ♪

♪ Living in a fancy world ♪

♪ Carrying that fancy bag ♪

♪ (bleep), that girl's so bad ♪

♪ Look at that fancy girl... ♪

To be sharing my musicwith someone like CeeLo

is a once-in-a-lifetimeexperience.

I just pray to Godthat he likes what he's hearing.

♪ Look at that fancy girl ♪

♪ She won Top Model competition last year ♪




I told you, right?

Yeah, you did.

So, wait a minute,let me get this straight.

You write and then produceand then performand all of that?


She's amazing.



I'm really--I'm impressed by that.

I think, you know, I canhear myself singing that.


I mean, because if youcan write, produce,

arrange and performthe way that I just heard...

Yeah.I mean, you deserve,

you know, your shot.Thank you.

You know what I'm saying?I'm so happy.

I don't even knowwhat to do.