• Season 5, Ep 18

Tiny's Driveway Games

Tiny thinks her driveway games are the perfect activity for the young and old. However, the ladies show her some of the worst hopscotch she's ever seen.

08/29/2016 ยท 2:33

Jump rope, Double Dutch.

We ain't doin' no Double Dutch.

We gonna do hopscotch.

I'm gonna drawthe hopscotch.

I ain't never hopscotchedin my life.

Come on, you fittin'to learn now.

We gonna beat them,we gonna beat them.

All right, now I'm looking tofind the perfect activity

for all of us.

And there's nothingcomplicated about

what I call "driveway games."

Don't get tappeddrawing it.


You gonna do somethingtoday, baby.

With the butt up in the air.


Okay, let's go.

Come on, Precious, you go first.

Uh-uh, it's supposed to be onefoot now.That is not how you do it.

You can't do it like that.

What kind of crap is that?

Come on, Niq Niq.

Hey, yeah!

There you go.

Don't step on the line.There you go.

You got it, baby, come on,let's do it.

Pick up your rock, step.

There you go.

Come on, MaMaw, let me see youdo it one time.

Come on, Dianne, you can do it.Let's go.


Where am I supposedto put this rock at?

Put it at number one.

Okay, number two.

Jump over number two.

Here's one, here's one--

One, two, three.


There you go.

This is, honestly, some of theworst hopscotch I've ever seen.

I still have faith in thedriveway games, though.

It's just clear that we shouldmove on.

All right, which wayare we going?

It don't matter.

All right, Ma.


Get on in there, baby,'cause I ain't doing that.

That's scary.(laughing)

I don't know about that.


Girl, well, listen--

What's wrong with y'all?


Listen, let me get back to whatI was doing.

Come on, Mom.Okay, Dianne, come on.

I don't even wanna do it.

Come on.Come on, you're gonna do it.


Come on, your turn.

Come in some.

Slow it down.


Y'all ain't even letting ithit the ground!

Girl, you see it's hittingthe ground, girl.

It's barely hitting it.

Girl, what you want, to put iton the ground?

(all shouting)

Come on, you used to jump rope.

I know darn well--

Oh, Mama!

That hit me in the nose.

Let's just call it quits.

All right, I'm done with y'all'cause this is a mess.

Even though our attempts to be"young and active"

didn't pan out perfectly,

at the end of the day,we hung out and had lots of fun

and no one got seriouslyinjured.

As long as us ladies keep tryingthings together,

we'll be all right.

It ain't about how old you are,

it's about how good you feel.

All right,now that's the truth.

That's a true statement.Whoo!

I'm ready to go back to myrocking chair.

(Tameka)There you go. Lord.