• Season 3, Ep 9 · Bonus

Ray J Gets A Tattoo Of Princess

While Ray J is getting a pin-up tattoo of Princess, Sonja walks in and clearly makes her disapproval known.

10/10/2016 · 2:38



- Yeah, I'm really excitedabout this, man.

I want her to know thatI don't need a ring, baby.

I got you on my arm,you know?

- Forever.

- You don't have to question,where my wedding ring.

It don't matter, baby,'cause you're looking at it.

I love it,I ain't tripping,

I gotta have Princess' asson my arm.

But is there any way to hidethis part, before she come here?

- Huh?You can't hide that.

- Moms ain't seen this yet.

- What do you mean?You didn't tell your moms?

- I mean, I don't knowif I mentioned, a long time ago,

I might get a tattoo whenI get married, but the ass.

- Yeah, it's a pin-up.


- Hey, Mama.- You getting a tattoo?

For real?- Yeah, a bunch of tattoos.

- Ray, I just don't understand.

What is that?

- That's Princess.

- Can we put on some clothes?

- I got a reason whythis is like this.

- Why?

- You told methat marriage was forever

and you--and you saidthat it should be forever.

- But not in this generation.

- But this generation isand this is what proves that.

- I really don't like you.

I just have to say that.

- Buzz, are you a good person?

- That doesn't meanhe's not a good person.

- If something goes down withmy son and these tattoos,

I'm just telling youright now,

it is a not a world big enoughthat I won't find you.

- This whatI'mma do, Mama,

because I love you,I'm gonna--

I'm gonna finishgetting the collage--

- What? What is this?- No, no, no, I'mma finish--

- I can't take this.- Listen, listen, Sonja.

- You got all of thaton the back of your arm, too.

- Look, I'm not finishedwith that.

- I just can't take it.I just cannot take it.

- Look right here too, Ma.- I just cannot. Uh-uh, I can't.

- You see? I got that--I just got that one too.

- Oh, you know what you doing?You just doing this on purpose.

- And then I just that one, too.Hold on, Ma, I got one more.

- No, I don't wanna see it.- Mama, I got one more.

I'm not done yet,but I got one more.

- Oh, that is ridiculous.

- I'm-- But it's not finishedyet, it's not finished yet.

- That's ridiculous.But that's ridiculous.

- It's not finished.I'm-- I'm branded--

I'm branded to--

I'm branded to myself,I'm branded to the firm.

- You need to put hersome clothes on, then,

'cause that's a disrespect.

'Cause if you sawsomebody like that

and any other personand any other man and you say,

they say,"Ooh, who is that chick?"

"That's my wifewith her butt out."

- She approved it.- Did you hear her okay it?

Did you hear her saythat it was okay to do that?

- Um...

- No, y'all ain't gotno okay.

That's ridiculous.

It's gonna be all overwhen Princess sees that.

- Maybe we might need to dosomething with the butt crack.

- Okay.- Yes, cover it up, would you?

- I gotta walk my mama out.I love you, Mama.

- I'm so sad.- I love my mama.

She understand, even thoughsometimes she get mad at me,

she still understand me, 'causeshe my mama, she birthed me.

- I know you're upset.

- I'll be searching for you.