• Season 3, Ep 1

Moniece and Brandi Argue Over Mothering...Again

At the Mommies & Mimosas Brunch, Moniece and Brandi cause a scene while fighting over motherhood and what happened in New York.

08/15/2016 ยท 3:36

(crowd chattering)

Hi.This is cute.


Thank you for coming.

You guys can grab a drinkif you want one.


I like her hair.

Today is the Mommies & Mimosasbrunch,

and I'm hostingwith my friend Nia,

and as excited as I am,

I'm not so excited to seeSmurfette, a.k.a. Brandi.

That bitch definitelyhas it coming if she decides

to get out of pocket today.

(Nia)Thank you guysfor coming.

There's no kids,so it doesn't getany better than that.

We just wanted to say hi.We're gonna go make our rounds.

All right, guys.Thank you.

Nice meeting you.

(Moniece)Okay, they're here.

(Nia)Please stand here.

Yes.And I'll be back.


This looks nice.

Hello.Thank you for coming.

How are you?Mwah!

Hey, boo.Hey, pretty.

How are you?I'm good.

How are you guys?This is nice.

Okay, well, I got somewherefor you guys to sit over here.

Okay.So come with me.

(Brandi)When Nia told me Moniecewas gonna be at this event,

I first thought, "Ugh."

But then I thought,"Oh, yeah.

I gotta deal with this bitch.Thank you."

(Moniece)Now go rocking hersidekick, so exciting.

Don't walk intoa situation negative.

Hello.What's up, girls?

Hello, ladies.Hello.

You know Moniece is hostingthe event with me.

Mm-hmm.But we areall mothers.

Yeah, we are.So...

I didn't know I wasin the mommy club.

I thought I was,like, kicked out.

Don't do that.You're not--

Why would yoube kicked out?

You know, apparently, I'm nota mom, or a good one, at least.

You are a mother.

I don't know what kind ofmother either one of you are,

so I don't speak on that.

Well, when we hadour altercation,

I was speakingfrom my experience.

You felt the needto chime in.

You don't know about--It made me passionate about--

I don't careabout your passion.

I'm passionateabout my child,

the same way you'repassionate about yours.

This is supposed to be an eventwhere mothers get together

and we support each other.

I think we're all hoping thatthese two could bury their beef,

but I guess some thingsnever change.

You don't know me.You don't know my story--

I don't need to, though.You don't know my struggle.

Your struggle--But you judge my solution!

You judge my solution!I judge what you put out!

Wait, Brandi.

You're the bitch.You're the bitch.

You judge my solution,and that right there

is where you (bleep) up.

Little girl, don't forget,bitch, I can see you right now.

You're not gonna be a victimwhen you send threats

to my (bleep) Instagram.

It wasn't a--It's not a threat.

Don't threaten my (bleep)--(bleep) you, honey.

Sweetheart, move real quick,'cause I gotta talk to this--

Bitch, you are not the victim,

and you gonna stopplaying the victim,

'cause nobody wouldagree with that diarrhea

that ran out your mother(bleep)mouth on your Instagram.

What I really wantis a well-deserved,

sincere apology.

And I'm not leavinguntil I get one.

(bleep) you!(bleep) you, bitch!

Everybody needsto shut the (bleep) up!

Why can't we talk?

(Brandi)She's started yelling,I was quiet!

You gotta sit down.

Brandi, please.

(Nia)This is myMommies & Mimosas event,

and these twoare acting like children.

They better break it upand play nice

before I kickthe both of them out of here.

Calm down.Everybody be calm.

I'm talking calmly.


I feel that youattacked me wrongfully--

But the problemI can't move forward is,

is that you said,about my son--

you haven'taddressed that.

So--I'm getting there.

I'm getting there.

That's (bleep)I will never be okay.

I'm getting there.I would never threaten a child.

My comment was about you,

so if that's how you feltin the moment

when I made the comment,

then you havemy sincerest apologies.

I don't want an apologyfrom you because I don't feel

like you feelthat you are sorry

for the wayyou made me feel.

I feel that I am sorry--

And so that's that.

'Cause that wasn'twhat I was there to do.

This is draining,period.

So draining.It's done.