• Season 5, Ep 10

Mimi Is Stuck In The Middle Between Stevie J and Joseline

When Mimi confronts Stevie J about having additional children, he turns the table and reveals some shocking news regarding Joseline.

06/06/2016 ยท 3:16

If there's anything youwant to tell me...

right now--

All right.

Obviously, some of the stuffthat Joseline

told me must be true,

because Stevie is stumbling onhis words right now,

trying toexplain himself to me.

Yes, there is somethingI want to tell you.

The girl done lost her mind

if she telling youI got kids.

That's whatI wanna tell you.

Mimi, you really believeJoseline?

She full of lies right now.

She come back to Atlantaon some bull(bleep).

She was adamant.

You got two more little

Stevie J. babiesrunning around.

Hold on.

I have five children.

That's it,no more, no less.

Allegedly, she has spokenwith this woman,

has seen the documentsregarding child support.

Your name is onthe documents,

the child's name,the mother's name.

You didn't get no names?I didn't get a name.

I got a namefor the other one.

The Promise B. Mae.

This chick, Promise B. Mae,made some ridiculous accusations

on a blog and Joseline'stelling Mimi

this psycho chickis telling the truth.

Ever since we got to Atlanta,

Joseline's been causing problemswith everybody else.

And now with me,her own husband.

Joseline playing withthe wrong one.

On our daughter, I neverslept with this broad.

I don't knownothing about this broad.

I don't got time to beplaying no games,

having Joseline come andlying to you about nothing.

She feel some type of way'cause of what she did.


Oh my God.

Broke up the Versace plates,

bleached allmy clothes,

cut up all mycoats and my shoes.

(Stevie)Man, when I was in LA,

Joseline flipped out and tore upmy whole crib

and all the stuff I had in it.

My place lookedlike a warzone,

and they posted itall over the blogs.

I don't know what she heard orwho she been talking to,

but she'sdefinitely out of control.

I'm out here hustling for us.

And this ishow she repays me?

I don't know what Joseline'splaying,

but I don'tlike it at all.

Why did she do that?

You let me knowwhen you find out.

'Cause I don't got no otherkids running around.

She's always beendoing the same (bleep).

She's lying.

I don'thave no kids.

I'm gonna find out.

I'm gonnaget my... up on it.

I don't know who's(bleep) telling the truth.Let me tell you--

But guess what?

If there isa Stevie J. baby

running around this bitch,

I'm gonna get tothe bottom of it.

You (bleep) believe that.

Listen, you gettinga little worked up.

Yeah, I'm a little worked up,'cause I know how you do,

you like to(bleep) smile and wink

like that's gonna solvestuff, and it's not.

Stevie insists that he has

nothing to dowith this woman,

but Joseline was so upsetwhen I spoke to her,

I'm really having trouble

figuring outwho to believe here.

So that's why I intend to getto the bottom of it.

I just want toknow one thing.

Can I crash or what, huh?

If you're notgonna let me stay,

then let me knowright now.

You area grown-ass man.

This (bleep) you'regoing through

is somebull(bleep), for real.I agree.

(Mimi)After listening to herand listening to him,

you know, despite mybetter judgment,

I really don't knowwhat else I can do right now.

I'm gonnalet you crash here,

but you need to get your(bleep) together,

because you guysdo this all the time,

you fight and then you turnaround and a week later

you'll be right backthe (bleep) together.

Daddy's home.