• Season 3, Ep 2

Will Brandy Be Princess' Maid Of Honor?

At her engagement party, Princess asks Brandy to be her Maid Of Honor.

08/22/2016 ยท 2:21

Today is our engagement party,

and all of our friends andfamily are here to celebrate.

But instead, my mindis thinking about

this whole prenup situation thatRay threw at me.

If Ray really thinks that thisis gonna be forever,

then why do we have to preparefor the worst?

You look handsome.

Everybody came through.


What's the--What's the matter?

I mean, I just, you know, I--

I'm still thinking aboutthe conversation we hadthe other day.

It's hard for me to,like, be happy.

Just let God do the doing.

God putting our prenup together?

Come on.

Sonja isn't just gonna get awaywith this.

This is my relationship withRay, not Sonja's.

If a prenuptial agreement isrequired to be a Norwood,

well, then, maybe I don'tneed to be one.


Brother, I need to stealPrincess for a second.

All right.


(Brandy)Are you nervous?

I mean, I'm happy,but you know,

I do have some stuffon my mind.


He just, like,randomly asked me

if I want to get a prenup,

and I feel like your mom isthe one who told him to ask.

Who told him to ask forthe prenup.Yeah.

I'm team Princess and Ray,

so I think that you guysshould talk about it.

I think you should becompletely honest with him

about how it makes you feel.Yeah.

Even about my mom, you know.

I think you shouldtell her, too.

You've seen it get ugly,

like, you know, you've beenthere at our worst.

I know, I was kindapulling you over

to ask you could I bea bridesmaid,

and I just popped upon a deep conversation.

What's that?

Actually, I would love for youto be my maid of honor.

Maid of honor?

Are you serious?


Are you serious?

That would meaneverything to me,

because I look at youas a sister, I really do,

and we are here for you.

You are family to us, okay?

And that's just it.

Thank you.

You the prettier versionof us, dog.

I don't have any siblings,

and I've always seen Brandy asmy sister,

so of course I want herto be my maid of honor.

She's been therefor Ray and I

through all of ourups and downs.

Now, her mother,on the other hand,

that's a whole differentballgame.