• Season 3, Ep 7 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 3 Episode 7: You Can't Get Caught If You're Gonna Be The Player

A1, Lyrica, and Safaree recap what went down at their housewarming party/wedding reception while Moniece, Masika, Safaree, and Nikki discuss the awkward interaction that took place between Nikki and Rosa.

09/26/2016 · 5:14

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The scene you're about to seeis Lyrica G., once again,

making (bleep) about her.






Another thingI wasn't invited to.

And this is our beautifulhousewarming.

Oh, my God,I'm (bleep) bricks.

So I'm really, really happy,thank you very much.

Cheers to notinviting Safaree.

You didn't call him?You tell him?

Oh, yeah.Forgot, he wasn't invited.

Oh, this is our new home.

And so, this is not justa housewarming party.


This is our wedding reception.




Ha ha!

We did just move in here,

like, you already(bleep) the crib?

She is who she is.

If she feel like she wanna takea glass sand broke the glass

'pon the floor, then that'swhat's gonna happen.You see me?

We're married!


Show love, mama.

Oh, my mom's pissed.

The way my mama took it, I waslike, oh (bleep), I'm good.

Mom, you said you didn'twant us shacking up,

so we did itthe right way.

No, you did itthe wrong way.

How could you dosomething like this?

Well, it's about us.

Oh, it's about us.

Definitely about us.

A1, how could you have myonly child go and marry you

and I don't bea part of the planning?

You probably did this.

Why can't you just be happy?Everybody's happy.

Or at least hide it.

Hell, I'm surprisedjust like you are.

Hell, I'm justnow finding out.

You feel how the (bleep) youwanna feel, Pam.

That's what I'm doing.You feel how you want to feel,

but don't tell mehow to feel.I'm not mad about it.


You better put your hand down.

(Lyrica G)Nobody in this room canunderstand, your only child.

You in the right place, Nikki.

If I was you, I'd takemy ass in the chimney.

Go off an elope and I don'tknow anything about it?

Y'all think that's cool?

We grown.

A1 is irritated.

"We grown."

Everybody else happy.Are y'all happy?


All right, then.All right, then.

Straight up!Woo, woo, woo!

You mad now.

And I'm tired of it.

Did she do this?

I'm kinda glad I didit this way, yeah.

A1 doesn't have a hard roadahead of him.

He has a road with construction,potholes, crashed planes,

crashed trucks, roadkill,

plane particles,gasoline, fire.

This next scene you're about tosee is Nikki getting a dose of

her own medicine when Rosa showsup to the party with a guest.


(woman)Coming to the carpet,we have Miss Nikki Baby!

I love a good step and repeat.

Yes, red carpet.

What the hell is this?

Another thingI wasn't invited to?

I'm gonna stop callingy'all my friends.

First of all, can--

We need an update.What happened?

Bitch, I--I basically got caught up.

You know, I was in the room,with Rosa, me and her,

we was kissing.

Teairra's face!

She's like, I'm not here forthis (bleep).

And I tried to tell them both,like, y'all, this is not about

you two, this is about me, I'mthe liar, I lied to y'all both.

I was openly honest.

And they still didn't care?And...

Liar and a scammer, yes!

I lied, I was openly honest.


Oh! Oh!

What the...

Nobody will ever play me,so if her bringing a date

was to pissme off, that...

"Nobody's gonna play me."

Girl, you're the only oneplaying anybody.

Nikki, Nikki, Nikki.You broke the rule.

You can't get caught if you'regonna be the player.

This is my friend Carter.

Nice to meet you.You look nice tonight.

Oh, thank you, honey.Are you hitting on me?

Am I what?Are you hitting on me?

No, no.I mean, I ama desirable woman.

Nikki love complimentingherself.

Me and you (bleep) around,you know that,

you know what type ofbitch I am.

You also told me,we're not together,

he also told me,we're not together. Cool.

We're not together, now all ofus can go (bleep)

whoever the (bleep) we want.

Why are you mad,but you did it?

Yep, that's how I felt when Iwalked in the room that day.

I wasn't expectinglike, your...Rosa, me and you werenot in a relationship.

What do I owe you?

Then why wouldyou approach her?

What the (bleep)is wrong with everybody?

If you feel like I was wrongand that's the end of the story,

then go be happywith her or somebody else.

Nikki, you're not a lesbian.

It's just what you wanted to dothis week or month or whatever.

I feel like it's actuallystarting to become redundant

because I've repeated myselfso many times, I'm getting

frustrated, at this point.

Yo, Nikki's good,she be talking fast.

She know how to get--She be...

I can't hear your apologybecause your attitude

is too loud.

Ooh!Okay, Rosa.

All righty...But I'll let you guysgo about your business.

All right, cool.

I'm gonna let y'alltwo go about your date.

All right, awesome.

Ugh, girl, bye.

Somebody wind her armsand her legs back up

and put her back onthe shelf.

You lost this one, Nikki.You lost bad.

One point for Rosa.