• Season 3, Ep 3

Fizz Calls Moniece A Loose Cannon

When Moniece catches Fizz moving out, Fizz calls out Moniece for getting too attached to him and for making reckless comments.

08/29/2016 ยท 2:47

(Fizz)After my fight with Nikki,

I realize that I rushedmoving into Moniece's place.

She's clearly gettingtoo attached to me.

She's already meddlingin my love life

and telling peoplethat she wants my sperm.

I wanted Kam to seehis mom and dad

under one roof as friends,

but I think I gave Moniecethe wrong idea.

What the (bleep)?

What's it look like?

It looks like someonetrying to sneak out

and move before I got home.

'Cause I didn't wantto do this in front of Kam.


I feel like you're, like,getting a little bit...

attached to me again,in a sense.

Especially all the (bleep)...'Cause I askedfor some--

...that I'm hearing about.

Dude, like, how can youeven fathom the thought

of having a kidtogether again

after everythingwe been through?

We don't have to have sex.

Who gives a (bleep)about sex?

I'm talking abouthaving a kid.

How in the hellare you gonna tell a girl

that I'm datingthat you want my sperm

and not expect to (bleep) upmy relationship with her?

Moniece is all overthe place.

She's (bleep) up the situationwith the person that I'm dating.

She's beefing with Brandi.

And then she even found herselfin the middle of this

whole Princess and Ray Jengagement and--

What are you doing?

I need her to focuson her career

and our son and that's it.

Us having a kid would never,ever, ever happen.

So how could you even thinkto tell somebody that,

especially somebodythat you know I'm dating?

I'm still slightly confusedas to how it is

that the chickthat you're dating...

Was....who sat there in my face

and told me that she wasn'teven that serious with you.

I'm not saying the (bleep)was going work out tomorrow

or the next day or at all.She didn't even(bleep) really care.

She didn't even care.At the end of day--

She didn't even careabout you.

At the end of the dayno matter who it is I'm dating,

you don't need to begoing and telling them

no type of (bleep) about me.

You're attackingeverything around me.

You want to sit here

and (bleep) up allmy business with Max

and the (bleep)I got going on with my music,

making that whole situationuncomfortable.

His wife did that.You want to sit up here

and tell the whole worldwho you been (bleep),

so our son can go onthe Internet when he gets older

and see that (bleep).

You don't haveno concern for nobody.


And it's just--it's just out of control.

You a loose cannon.

For the past couple of yearsI've been ambushed.

Left, right, up, down.

Take Kam into considerationon all of this, yo.

...why you're defendingthe same people--

I'm taking my soninto defense, yo!

Who sh-- who should--

(bleep) putting himin an awkward situation--

No, I'm not.Yes, you are.

I'm sorryyou feel that way.

No recollection for him, yo.So better--

So it is betterthat you go then.

It is,I'm out of here, (bleep).

I open my doors to Dreuxas a gesture of good faith,

and he has the nerve

and accuse meof not putting our son first.

So if he thinkshe's gonna stand here

and be rude to me in my house,

he's dead wrong.

(Fizz)I don't wantno more help from you.

I don't wantnothing from you, please.

Just-- just show upwhen it has time to do with Kam.

Disappear, please. Ciao.

Travel safe.