• Season 5, Ep 15 · Bonus

Does Momma Dee Want A Divorce?

Momma Dee meets with a lawyer to discuss a post-nuptial agreement, drafting her will, and possibly divorcing Ernest.

07/18/2016 · 3:27



Hey, I was expecting you.How are you?

Thank you for having me.

No problem.Come have a seat.Yes.

What happened to your leg?

Oh, I just recoveringfrom a silent nerve.

Oh, my God.

I just got outof the hospital.

And when I got out Ernestwasn't there for me.

And my son has beenchanging my dressing.

He's amazing.He's not even a nurse,he's a rap artist.

That's awesome.

So, that's halfof why I'm here.

Because...What's been going on?

My husband... my ex-husbandgot out of prison,

he did some thingsto me and my son

and I got himlocked up for it.

But when he got outhe made me a promise

when we got back together

that he madesome mistakes in the past

and that he would make good on'em this time around.

Mhm.From day one I'vebeen there for him.

He didn't havebut two pair of underwear

and he was washingthem -- by hand.

And hanging themout to dry.

And I went, bought you clothes,put clothes on your back.

Now, he won't even help mepay the car note.Okay.

He's fussing at me for payinghalf of the rent.


-- light bill $110.

He got made 'causehe got to pay me $55.

He's doing stupid stuff,but what the queen won't do

is be no man's doormat.

That's whatI won't do.

So, I'm here toask you for help

with a post nuptial.

Let me just explain aboutthe post nuptial agreement.Mhm.

Both partieshave to agree.

For real?



And it's a give or take,

so what do you thinkyou'll be willing to give him.

I ain't giving him (bleep)because, one thing about it,

if I got to argue with you abouthelping me pay the bills...

oh, hell, no.

I don't-- I think it'sgoing to be very difficult

to get him to agreeto a post nuptial agreement

because, I mean,you're Momma Dee.

I'm pretty sure he feelsas if he hit the jackpot.

But in orderto protect Scrappy,

Jasmine, Emani,and you're other grandchildren

why don't we justdraft you a will.

And are we going to leaveMr. Ernest anything?No.

But he's your husband, so areyou-- how about the house?

That he can stay in your housewhen you leave?No.

At the end of the day if youwith me because you love me

or you with me becausewhat I can do for you.

I really need to know that.

This is my question.

You're basicallycutting him out of your will.

Yes.Are you sure you don'twant to get a divorce?

I don't.I want to make it work.

And right now I'm scared.Mhm.

And so that's whybasically I'm here.

I've been througha lot this year.

I've been through a lot.

I've trusted someoneI thought I could trust.

Mm.I can't.

And I feel madea fool out of.



I'm sorry.I'm so sorry.

It's okay.Well, you know what,

I will-- you came to me

and I'm gonna do everything inmy power to help you.

And if you decide

after we draft your will...

then you decide that youwant to get a divorce

you cancall me as well.

And, you know,I'll take your hand

and I'll walk you through it.

Thank you.You're welcome.