• Season 3, Ep 1

Fizz and Nikki End Their Relationship

After learning that Fizz is living with Moniece and that Nikki is not ready for a serious relationship, a heated discussion leads to Fizz and Nikki parting ways.

08/15/2016 ยท 3:17

(Nikki)On our last date, Dreuxwas talking about spending

more time with meand building things,

but he forgot to mention to me

that he's livingwith his baby mama.

So I set up a date real quick,

and me being the generous personI am, brought him some presents.

I'm a boss, and the menI date are bosses,

so if they don't haveone home to go to,

they'll haveseveral other options

before they live with somebodythat they don't get along with.

What's up?

What's going on?

I brought you something.

Did you?I did.

What's that?

It's a housewarming gift.


Trying to be funny?

No. That's for youand Moniece.

I'm a little confusedby all this right now

because you don't come acrosslike you want to be

exclusive with meor, you know,

put me as a priorityor anything.

We talk on text,but that's about it.

I had to moveout of my place

because of a gas leakin Porter Ranch.

The fact that you haveto live with her is weird to me.

Obviously, you might notwatch the news,

because it wasa state of emergency.

It just doesn'tmake sense to me.So everybody had to move.

Well, why don't you geton your own two feet?

I can! I can--And stay by yourself?

Why you gotta stay with her?That doesn't make sense.

Maybe this is why thingsdon't click to you.

You're right.'Cause you don't--

Things don't click to me.You don't take it in.

I'm not the one at homemessing with someoneI don't want to be with.

So maybe things don'tclick to you, honey.

You also don't have a kid.You're right.

(Nikki)I may not be a mother,

but I have enoughcommon sense to know

that this whole situationis (bleep) up.

Moniece is telling methat she wants to get his sperm

and have another child,

so I wouldn't be surprised ifthey got it poppin' one night.

But this whole mess is some(bleep) I don't want to be in.

I'm not with Moniece.

I wanted to give my son...That's fine.

...a sense of what familyis like in one household.

So handle your business.So me being a good father

and doing whatI should be doing,that's what comes first.

(Fizz)You know, I like Nikki,and I thought we had something

that we could build on,but you know,

this is the girl that youbasically gotta

schedule an appointment withto see once every two weeks.

If she wanted meto be an open book,

she should have acted likeshe gave a (bleep)

and took the timeto get to know me.

If I'm tryingto constantly see you

and you constantlydoing stuff,

and constantlydon't have the time,

then it's like, okay.You're right.

See, this is whythings don't work.

You got something elseto do.

Because last timeI spoke to you,

I told you,face to face, I said,

"I'm not saying I wantto be with you tomorrow.

I don't knowwhat's gonna happen."

I said, "Let's have funand figure it out."Exactly.

Do I not deservethis much respect?

I feel like when you wantto sit down and be a woman

and put some-- put a manin a priority position.

No. I'm not gonna--I'm not. I'm not.

Then you deserve some(bleep) like that.

But right now,what's the point of me

even telling youif we not exclusive?

It ain't your business.

You're right,it's not my business.

I am so done.I don't have any time or energy

to invest in this drama,and I don't let no man play me.

But since I do like to endthings on a positive note,

I do believe that somecongratulations are in order.

You're right.So I hope you happy.

Okay, I'm good.

And I have something elsefor you, too, 'cause Moniece

told me she wanted to haveanother kid with you.

She was like,"Well, I think he--

he owes me his sperm to haveanother kid with him."


That's why I left youthis onesie.

So you guysfigure out your (bleep).

Give that (bleep)to your nephew.

No, my nephew's--Honey, my nephew is six.

I don't have any kids.He's not this small.

I don't have any babies.

You shouldgive her that.

Get the (bleep)outta here.