• Season 3, Ep 4

Nikki Cozies Up To Safaree

While hanging by the pool, Safaree and Nikki discuss their budding romance.

09/05/2016 · 2:51

Yo, right now,I love L.A.

There's nothing betterthan working out in the sun,

coming out of the pool,

and walking upto a nice, sexy body,

yeah, with that thingthat is shaped like "rrr..."

Come over here.

I miss you.I miss you too.

Why didn't you comein the water?

I was tryingto help you out,

because I don't know ifyou would get too excited

if I came in the water.

You know I would.(laughing)

A little while ago,I met Safaree

while I was out and aboutin L.A.,

and my first impression of himwas that he was fine as hell.

And once Fizz and Iended things,

I decided to get to know Safareea little bit better.

For now, we're gonna keep ourrelationship under the wraps

so we could take things slow

and just figure out where thingsare going between us.


You know, like, seriously,you're, like,

the most beautiful personI've ever met in my life.

That is so sweet of you.

Well, I met Miss Nikki Baby

about five months agoat an event,

and it got a hook me, dawg.

No, see, me weak for them,back to them, so yo,

everything right.

Like, I'm not even, like,trying to run game.

I'm, like, dead serious.No, I know.

I don't believe you wouldrun game on me.

It's something that's real.Right.

And that's what I'mlooking for, you know?

Why would I even wantto waste my time

with anybody else?

They're not you.You know what I'm saying?

I mean, you arekind of fine too, so...

I want to see youmore often.

Okay, and I'llwork on that.

So, what about you?You dealing with anybody else?

It's not like, oh, I haveanother man or whatever.

It's just I'm working.

So...And that's the thing, too--

But you should knowwhere you stand with me.Yeah?

Do you?Mm-hmm.

Okay, so you shouldn'tworry about it, then.

I know it's all over the blogsthat Safaree is a gold digger

and got nothing goingfor himself,

but to me,that's far from the truth.

He's a sweetheart,and he's such a romantic.

I could never see himbeing with somebody

just for money or a come up.

It's not his faultif he got a thing

for some fine, boss bitchesnamed Nikki.

I got you something.What'd you get?

All right,give me your hand.

This betternot be, like,

some nasty, freaky(bleep), Safaree.

It's not.Don't look yet.

I'm not looking.

All right, look.

That's so cute.

Come over here.

Don't get too excitedover here.

This is why I like Safaree.

It's not some crazy-expensiveRolex.

I could buy all the expensivejewelry myself.

But it's a sweet, friendlyreminder of who Safaree is

and that he genuinelydoes care about me.

So, what does thismean, exactly?

One love is just, like,that's how I feel.

I don't know howyou feel yet, but...

I'm just takingmy time.

Just behave yourself,all right?

Okay, promise.How about that?