• Season 3, Ep 6

Brandi Pops In On Max and Masika

When Brandi pops into the studio and causes a scene, Masika fights back while Max feels embarrassed.

09/19/2016 · 4:13

Max is still furious with me

for using our son's moneyto open the store,

but I think todayis gonna be the day

I finally get him to forgive meand come on back home.

I'm gonna surprise my babywith a nice big box of cash.

The more I figure outwho I am as an artist,

like, the easier it is for meto, like, express myself.

It used to be...Hey, babe.


What's up, girl?Hello.

What's going on here?

Max mentioned he hada studio session today,

but what I don't understand is,what is Masika doing here?

The last timethey worked together,

she did some very shady stuffto my friend,

and Max knows all about it.

Excuse me, you know, for beinga little miscombobulated,

but I'm trying to understandwhat the (bleep) this is.

A session.

So, when did you startedworking with her again?

We just startedworking right now.

But you failed to (bleep)tell me about it?

Okay, I don't--I don't know

what you guys have going on,and I don't want to know.

It's not my business.Really?

But whatever it is...Failed to tell?

You say thosewords to me?

I get it, and I'm wrongfor my part.

But if you did get it,you wouldn't be in here

running your mouthlike that.

At the end of the day...

Are you seriousright now?

Am I serious?Because Jamila--

The last timethis situation happened,

you knowmy business partner

and my mother(bleep)best friend, Jamila,

and you know all whatwas said and told to me.

Why are you yellingin my session?

'Cause don't you dare,don't you dare

act like you don't knowwhy I'm confused right now.

No way in hell is Max gonna workwith this no-talented ho.

She tried to (bleep)my best friend's husband

to get some tracks,

and although I trust Max,I don't trust her.

I'm just a littleconfused here,

because I've never beenin a session working

and this has happened.

Whatever y'all havegoing on,

that's your business.

I have nothing to dowith it,

nor do I want to haveanything to do with it.

Well, what I waspreviously told

a couple years agofrom my best friend,

who is alsomy business partner,

that you were tryingto sleep with her man.

(chuckling)Oh. Oh, you're talkingabout the guy

that tried to sleep with me

but I wouldn't even talk to himor give him the time of day?

Well--You're talkingabout that guy,

who I still haveall his text messages?

I saw the messagesthat my best friend showed me.

No, you did not.She did show me.

Honey, 'cause I still havemy phone.

So, we're just workingon a new record.

So, whatever y'all have,

I don't want to be involvedin that.

The truth of the matter is,

this loser producer said hedidn't want to work with me

unless I gave himsomething in return,

and I refuse to work with himever again.

This is mess.What is mess?

Busting up in a session

trying to ask him what'sgoing on when we're working.

This is myhusband's session.

If I say there's no session,there will be no session.

That's not true.Oh, it's verymother(bleep) true.

You didn't payfor this session.Listen, Masika.

Sit down.No, I don't needto sit down.

Yes, you do.I don't (bleep)condone bull(bleep)

and mother(bleep)...Your-- Your--

So you better put people in theymother(bleep) place right now.

Did you hearwhat she said?

B is completely out of line.

Me and Masika just working,

and whether or notshe smashed her homey or not

has nothing to do with me.

If anything, B should be happyI'm working as hard as possible

to fix her mistakeand replace that money.

I don't like when people aremarried and in relationships

and thesemother(bleep) Beckys,

like my girl Beyoncé makes itvery mother(bleep) clear.

She ain't your girl.Oh, she's my (bleep)since day one.

Okay, well, call her now.You better--

You better doyour track record...

I'm so embarrassed.

I had no ideathat Brandi was best friends

with the Queen Bey.

I mean, this whole time,

I'm sitting here wonderingwhy this girl is crazy,

and I just need to getin formation with her and B.

Like, call Beyoncé, girl!

Yoncé! Where you at?

Get her out my face.No, I don't (bleep).

Get her out of my face.

Get her out of my face.

Can someone get this girlout of my face?

...(bleep) sessionmeans nothing

and that you havethe last say.Yo.


(bleep) Get this bitchout of here.

...calling me a bitch?Yeah, girl, you (bleep)...

I'm about readyto lose it right now.

Nobody messeswith Brandi Boyd, bitch,

and nobody (bleep)with my friends.

Max, put your dogon a leash.Yo, this conversation...

(Bleep) joke.

And you best stop talking(bleep), little girl.

And a new mother--

'Cause a new mother don't gotthe right to disrespect me.

That new mother can getthe (bleep) beat out of her

talking (bleep) to me.

Bitch, get the (bleep)out of here.

Go (bleep) yourself.