• Season 3, Ep 4 · Bonus

Nia Prepares For Her Boob Job Surgery

With Teairra and Moniece there for support, Nia meets with her doctor before getting her boob job.

09/05/2016 · 2:21

It's like mine now.

Let's play catch.That much more, like me.

Hit me.



How are you?How are you?

Good.Good seeing you.

Hi.Dr. Smiley.

Good seeing you.Moniece.

I have a question before youtake my dear friend in.

Yes, go ahead.

Do you fix raisin titties?

'Cause when she heals, I wannacome back and get mine done.

Everything that has to dowith breasts and boobs,

we take care of.

'Cause see, when I'm gettingout the shower

and I'm putting on my lotionand I'm like this,

I could put my nippleinside my belly button.

We'll take care of that.

How are you?I'm good.

Ready?I think so.

You know, we doplastic surgery closure.

You're gonna get the bestpossible closure anywhere.


But there's still gonna be afine line, a scar there.

I can deal with that.Okay.

You're in good hands.You're gonna look great.

I'm excited.We gonna do the--

Wait, can I see 'emwhen I first wake up

or are they gonna be tied down?

No, they're gonna be--

You're gonna havea wrap on for 24 hours.

So next morning,we'll show you...

So I'll come back tomorrow.

Yes.Okay.I'm excited.

All right, so we're gonna havethe nurse come right in.

All right, thank you.You're welcome.

Well, let me feel it, honey.I just want hold on to it.

As a stress ball.Stress balls?

Thank you guys forcoming with me.

I'm not as nervous as I thoughtI was gonna be,

'cause you guys came.

That's good.

Happy we could beof some support.

I just want to wake up and seemy new titties, honestly.

So why are you gettinga boob job? 'Cause you...

just don't wanna weara bra no more?

Because, you know, my breastshave always been really big.

But after Cam, they're nothow full they used to be.

They sag, right?

It's not a bad sag.

Oh, no, bitch.Mine is a...

But it's like a shmedium shag.

Yeah, I getwhat you're saying.

When guys do it from the back,do they flop around?

Mine do.It's depressing.

They sag.

If I took my bra off right nowand jumped around like this,

they, literally, like...

I hate you so much right now.

Like, and so you can imaginegetting hit from the back.

Like, that's a sag.

But they're gonna be the same.The same size?

'Cause I'm justgetting them lifted

and then a small implant.You getting implants, yeah.

All right, honey.All right, girlie.

Good luck.Thank you.

Make you snap usa pic of the tits.

You guys can't eatuntil I'm done.

I need me some sashimi orsomething, honey.

Goodbye, boo.

Don't let them (bleep) upnipple island, now, honey.

I know you don't like it, butmaybe one day you will, girl.

Okay, girl.