• Season 3, Ep 10 · Bonus

Princess and Sonja Clear The Air

Princess and Sonja have a heart-to-heart conversation about Sonja's feelings about Ray J and Princess' relationship.

10/17/2016 · 2:09


I'm so gladyou came over today.

I wanted to havea conversation with you

about not having a prenup.

I'm not gonna sit hereand tell you

that I'm not nervous about it,because I am.

Like, do you feel likehe's not ready to be married?

Or do you feel like, you know,

he might be making a mistakeso you want to protect him?

You know,when you are a mother,

a mother pays attentionto everything.

That's why I wasreally dumbfounded

when I saw all of thesethings come up in these--

In the last past few years

that you guyshave been together.

He may have been doingthe very same things

that I didn't know about

but it only became a apparentwhen you guys were together.

So you do feel like you needto protect him from me.

I feel like I needto protect him from the world.

And I'm part of the world?

Well, I think that you are.

But don't I get some creditfor the man that he is now?

Yes, you do,

because I think you hada lot to do with that.

But I give him credit, too,

because he hadto want to change.

But I've always felt like...

You've kinda, like, you know,you still shut me out.

Well, yeah.

My intent was neverto close you out.

My intent was to always vet you

to make surethat you were the one.

I don't havemy family with me.

You know, he's my family, so...

But you have a new family.

Yeah, but I don't feellike that sometimes.

Well, you know what?

Every time I've mentionedthe word "prenup,"

I've always saidit's for him and for you.

What if you become a major,big, huge, whatever?

You know, and thenall of a sudden,

you guys don't get along?

Then-- then what?