• Season 3, Ep 8 · Bonus

Brandy and Sonja Give Princess Family Advice

While out shopping, Princess opens up to Brandy and Sonja about the strained relationship she has with her father.

10/03/2016 · 3:30


Ooh.♪ Where are we? ♪

Oh, my God.

Woo-wee.This is all for dogs?

We have to try onsome of this stuff.

For real, for real?


So see, Princess is a pro.

Yeah.They hate it when I do this.

Oh, Bugatti.

He should just be a partof the best man crew.

Look at Bugatti.Let me see.

I just wish it was more like--A suit?

Yeah, more like a suit.

You know, um, I've been asking

Ray to like cometaste cake with me

and stuff like that.

And isn't it like the man

supposed to be doing stufflike that with you?

Like, tasting cakeand stuff?

Uh, I'm not the one to ask that

because I've never beendown the aisle.

Well, why should he haveto go taste the cake?

Because the weddingis in like 60 days.

Ugh.And any minute.

That was a shot.

You feel like--Your baby will officially be--

Be lost

Like-- like,I'm gonna lose him?

Like you're losing a son.I feel like that a little bit.

No, I don't feel like that.I trained him right.

I trained him,you can't forget your mom.

I don't-- I don't know if itjust a guy thing with that stuff

because we're, like, so into,like, planning and dresses

and tasting and, you know,location and all of that.

But like this is a big deal.

He should-- he should definitelybe there for everything.

And then I kind ofgot upset at him

because he did show upto the cake tasting.

And then the wedding plannerstarted talking to me about

like my family and my dadand then she got me upset.

Started, you know,she made me cry

because she was likeasking me about my dad.

That's just somethingI just don't like talking about.

And I do want my dadto walk me down the aisle.

Well, what's going onwith your dad,

like, have you spoken to him?

I mean, are you guys close?

We just--we don't really talk.

When we do talk,it's like--

it's, you know, it's okay,but we just don't.

He never calls,I don't call him.

Did something happen, like...

No, it's just--he's just never been there.


I have to say this, 'causeI don't know how to be fake.

I mean, anymore.

Uh, your dad's a coward.

Bran--Listen, no.

I need-- it's not--I'm not-- this is for her,

This is not to like (bleep) onyour dad.

This is the fact thatyour dad is afraid.

He's a coward to face you.

And it's gonna takeyour strength

to help him face his painabout what he did to you.

But at the same time,

every person has a lifethat they go through in living.

You never know whatthat person was going through

at the time that you were born,

at the time thatyou were raised.

You never know.

So I think that you shouldgive him the opportunity

of being able to explainhimself as well.

This is gonna make youbetter at everything.

And then facing it is justgonna just like knock itout of the park.

And, you know,marriage is important

because, you know, it solidifiesus really being a family.

And that's important to me,you know?

I'm not justhis girlfriend anymore.

Another Norwood.


Oh, my goodness.