• Season 3, Ep 4

Nikki Boos Up With Rosa Acosta

During a photo shoot, Nikki gets intimate with model Rosa Acosta but claims that the two are just having fun together.

09/05/2016 · 3:02

♪ Let her run,when I come, I'm a psycho ♪

♪ Boom ba boom booma bounceI'm a psycho ♪

♪ I'ma bad girl,I'ma I'ma bad girl (okay) ♪

♪ I'ma bad girl,I'ma I'ma bad girl ♪

♪ There's some lightsin my rearview ♪

♪ I know I'm crazybut it's all for you ♪

Today I'm doing a photo shootfor Nude By Nikki,

and my lingerie lineis nothing but sexy.

So, I had to geta true sex symbol

to show it off.

Rosa Acostais not letting me down.

This girl's so damn bad,

she made me wantto take my clothes off

and join her too.

You want meto come join you?

Come here.

The only thing betterthan one bad bitch

is two bad bitches,

and I can't think ofa better way to sell sexy

than the two of usshowing off my line.

♪ I'ma I'ma bad girl ♪♪

What you think?You like 'em?

Oh, yeah.I like that one.

Yes, I really...

Okay, so I think we're actuallydone for the day, so...

Okay, great....if you could just grabyour stuff...

All right,thank you very much....I'll appreciate that.

Thank you.

You did perfect,

and I'm glad thatyou actually joined me.

Like, you was tryingto act all cute and (bleep).

That's right, everybody.

Nicki's new boois a fine-ass woman.

Or should I saymy other boo?

What started offas a friendship

has turned into somethinga little bit more.


I've never been seriouswith a woman before,

but I can't lie, I'm havinga lot of fun doing it.

Rosa and Ihave a lot in common.

I'm open to seeingwhere our relationship goes.

Okay, so, like,

I wanted totell you something.

What was that?

You know I'm alwayshonest with you,

and you know I'mso close to you,

and I loveand adore you.

You're special,so just know that.

Well, you're specialto me too.

That's what I'm saying.

For the most part,

these days I ammore attracted to girls,

but Nikki's really special.

We have a very special bondbecause we're friends first.

She's really sexy,she's really, really attractive,

and I just feel likewe were a perfect match.

So, you're not seeinganybody else?


I mean...

You know, like,right now I'm just,

like, having funfiguring it out,

but if I hada man on the side,

would you be bothered?


Just make surethat you tell me

what's going onwith you.

You know I wouldn'tlie to you ever.

Okay, so I may have not toldRosa the whole truth,

but until we decidethat we want to be exclusive,

I don't want to tell herevery single little detail

of what I'm doingbecause it'll just hurt her,

and that's the last thingI want to do.

Plus, I don't really wantto ruin the fun

when I don't know wheremy relationship is going

with her or Safaree.

Do you think there'sa difference

between men and womenlovers?

What's the pointof having a (bleep)

if you can't use itfor the right reason?

We don't have to worryabout these men.

Oh, I don't.You shouldn't.

'Cause I mean,I don't feel like

I give you a reasonto worry about nothing.

Do I?Not yet.

Do I?