• Season 3, Ep 2 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 3 Episode 2: Let's Call A Spade A Spade

Moniece and Brandi comment on Moniece's confession about Ray J while Willie and Shanda recap their sit-down with Kyesha.

08/22/2016 · 4:13

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Check Yourself:Season Three.

You'll be watching uswatch the show...

For the very first time.

You'll be getting our natural...

And very honest reactions.

We're watching it.With you.

The scene you're about to seeis Moniece acting classless.

Spilling all the tea...

And talking (bleep)...

About my past sexual endeavors

with Princess's supposedhusband-to-be.

I'm proud of Sika,her cute house.


Come on up, I'm stuckon the couch, I can't move!

(dog hisses)

Well, Nia always looks nice.

Are you allergic to dogs?

No, not normally,I think it's just the hair.

Yeah, you can't be 'cause I seensome of the dudes you be around.


Shut up, please,my goodness.

Even your (bleep) laugh.

Have you talked to him about,like, what he wants to do?

Like, his role? I mean,clearly, he's the dad, but...

What is he gonna do?

Is he gonna be outhere all the time?

He's going to cashthose checks, honey.

Masika having a babywith a rapper?

Just a lucky coincidence,you know?

I thought that she's, like,(bleep).

You didn't see this?No.

Just going on my timeline.

Miss Thing does an interview...

So, I spilled allthe (bleep) tea which is

I'm sick of this bitch(bleep) her, (bleep) her.

We're not friends,we're not fam,

we're not people,we're not (bleep).

I bet you he left the partout where I ran into him

last year and he wascaressing my booty

and telling methat he missed it.

Let's call a spadea (bleep) spade.

Bitch, I (bleep)your (bleep).

And yes, I (bleep) liked it.

Bitch, you werea sloppy (bleep)

and a one-nightdisgusting sad.

If you can't getpast one night

with no (bleep),something's wrong, girl.

Good riddance.That was mindful.

It really was.

Well, damn.(chuckling)

It seems that you are...what's the word?


The next sceneyou're about to see

is me and my wife coming to meetup with this clown.

But (bleep) literally went left.


Here I go trying to figure itout, got my wife with me.

Keep your composure,find out the truth.

Get in, get out.

That's whatI wanted it to be.

That's all I wanted it to be.

I see the (bleep).

She's looking likeI expected her to.


My question to you...Okay.

Since there was a baby, whathappened, where's the baby?

Okay, the reasonwhy I lost the baby

is because you were pregnantat the same time.

Why did you lose the baby,I don't understand...

Because I was so stressed outbecause he was lying.

(bleep) out of here.

There was no (bleep) baby.

This mother(bleep) is makingthat (bleep) completely up.

The things I lied about,

I already talkedto my wife about.

Now you come on, come on--Listen--

Why you lying, Lucky,why are you lying?

Don't call me Lucky.That (bleep) was dead years--

Lucky is so throwback.

Lucky is a stage nameI used to go by.

And had you been around me,

you woulda knew that I got ridof that name a long time ago.

Don't call him Lucky no more,that (bleep) annoying.

It ain't just me, Shanda,it ain't just...

Don't (bleep) about that.

Worry about you, bitch,worry about you!


I don't givea (bleep) about you.

You not a side (bleep)!

Come on, we already know, dude.

Like, calm down, I already--I know your lying.

You get all high,you start yelling over me.

I am extremely heated.

My voice is atan all-time high.

(bleep) me, you know howyou (bleep),

and you know how I (bleep)made your ass like that!

Why are you here?!

I was stillin love with you!

Ooh, woke up that beast.

I was a little shocked thatShanda

came through with the punch

because I know she been tryingto hold them gloves back.

Shanda was, like,no, don't do it.

Don't feed into it,don't feed in that.

That pissed me offto the point

where I had to (bleep)swing at this bitch.

'Cause I'm pissed right now!

How many times I gottasee this (bleep)?

(bleep) move!

Yeah, well, I still (bleep)--getting make your ass...

within two seconds!

Bye!Just take this hoout of here...

What the (bleep) is this--talking about, never...

No, that is over with!

We not (bleep) ever, ever!

I wanted the truth to come outbut the (bleep).

The truth is...The truth is--

Both of you mother(bleep)liars.

I can't (bleep) talkto no liar at this point.

It's back tothe dog house I go.