• Season 3, Ep 1 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 3 Episode 1: Don't Judge My Solution

Moniece, Brandi, and Shanda give the play-by-play of the screaming match that took place at the Mommies & Mimosas Brunch while Willie and Shanda recap what went down in the studio with Willie's ex.

08/15/2016 · 5:42


♪ Of course she get laid ♪

♪ My bitch all in lace ♪

♪ Simply for breakfast,I lick off her plate ♪

♪ I like them girls that besharp as a blade ♪

♪ Jump in the gun, she be quickto the fade ♪

♪ Right like a circle,she stick to the wave ♪

♪ And we go to the beach everytypical day ♪

That's what the (bleep)I'm talking about.

This (bleep) going to his badge,you feel me?

What you been on, man?Gotta get the badge.

Got to.

Where you been at?

Man, dude.

You don't even wanna know

what going on with mysituation right now.

Man.What happened?

I moved in with Moniece.




Your face, bro.

It said...

What?Nah, I'm just saying, though,

you went from being single,bachelor life to family mode?

No, no, no, no, I'm stillsingle, I'm still single.

I just, you know, the wholePorter Ranch gas leak happened,

and you know, they wereevacuating.

It was an emergency evacuation,so I got up out the crib.

You know you could have askedme. I got a guest room.

(phone ringing)Yo.

What happened?

Who is this?

Bro, I think that was Brandi.

Stop playing.No, I'm (bleep) with you.

You had me, too, for a minute.

I was like, what?

Hey, babe.

Drew, you hanging up on (bleep)now?

No, no. That was really youon the phone?

That was really--

No, I swear to God I didn't knowthat was you, yo.

What's up?

I brought you some dinner,your favorite.

You popping up, talking abouthanging up.

How you doing?Hey, Drew.

Gonna hang upin my face?

No, I really didn't knowthat was you.

I said hello?And you--

Hello, hello?Click.

'Cause, you know,it was like--

I thought it was an old lady.

You do that for them beckies,that's right.

If you didn't knowthat was me,

then that was the correctbehavior.

Seeing you brings me backto the other day,

my mama mimosa gathering.

Oh, I heard about that.Yeah.

It was just...It was really a lot.

Moniece just kept escalatingwith her disrespecting me,

calling me bitchesand (bleep).

I was very mature.

I let her talk, I let herget off how she felt,

and then she goesfrom here to here.

Bitch, blah, blah, blah,

and I don't give a (bleep),

and security's tryingto hold her back,

and I'm like, please,I'm a grown big girl,

but what you're notgonna do is sit here

and do this fighting matchthing, like--


She said she felt attackedbetween all the girls.

My (bleep) wasn't on no,

I'm about to attack Moniece,but the--

She-she brings outthe ghetto part of people

that they don't like when youkeep trying to insult somebody.

Don't neither one of y'allneed each other

to bring out your ghetto,and that's a fact.

But it's not evena comparison.

So how did y'all end it?

It didn't. She--She just kept going--

She kept trying to be the bigbadass, whatever, victim,

and it's just like, listen,I'm not gonna do this.

You're entitledto your opinion,I'm entitled to mine.

With that being said,you gotta kinda tune her out,

and, like, if y'alldon't get along,

y'all just don't get along,and ignore each other.

Y'all gotta understand, though,too, that we got a relationship.

Right.And it's like, y'all make itawkward for us.

Like, if y'all don't (bleep)with each other,

just don't (bleep) witheach other.

I hope she done, but she gonnaget in an argument

with somebody else and forgetshe even started with you.