• Season 5, Ep 13

Crow Does Stand-Up

T.I. and Crow are in the process of completing Crow's bucket list. Crow takes a shot at stand-up comedy.

07/25/2016 ยท 3:15

Do I cuss?No, you don't cuss.

I guess, if youwanna cuss.

If they walk out on you...

Okay, so next up on thisbucket list of Crow's

is a stand-up routineat a senior citizens.

Now, this can goone of many ways.

If they get to throwingpeppermints and butterscotches,

I don't want to get hitwith the ricochetor the crossfires,

so I'm gonna bein the back here.

All right.




Okay, here we go.This old Gremlin is...

you know, warmed upon the highway here.

It seems like the jokes aboutcooking and food

played right intothe audience.


Man, I knew I wasgonna get 'em.

All I had to do was justapply myself

and hammer the audience down.

I'm feeling so good, man,

I'm just like a witch witha hot broomstick.

I'm just like a Piedmont dogwith no relish on it.

I took some Viagra one time.


Come on now!

Never been sickera day in my life.

It didn't know when to stop,the Viagra.

When I got out of the ambulance,

I couldn't even clear the doorwhen I come out.