• Season 5, Ep 16

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 + Final Thoughts

Karlie Redd, Tammy, Mimi, K.Michelle, Momma Dee, KK, Tiarra, Joseline, and Stevie J share their final thoughts on the season and plans for the future.

07/25/2016 · 4:59

♪ Can't stop us now ♪

♪C-Can't stop us now ♪

(Karlie)Karlie Reddis on top of her game.

My career is poppin',my stores are poppin',

and I'm launching a new fashionline that, oh, my gosh,

is gonna be so huge.

♪ Can't stop us now ♪

♪ Oh oh, bring it on,bring it on, bring it on ♪

♪ Can't stop us now ♪

(Karlie)After the whole Lyfe debacle,

I started focusing on meand do what makes me happy.

I'm not giving up on love.

But I'm gonna take a breakfrom it.

For now, I'm marriedto my career and my coins.

And, honestly, there'sno better feeling than that.

♪ Yeah, we are brave ♪

♪ Nothing canscare us away ♪

(Tammy)I never thought thingswould come to this.

Only God knows how thingswill work out

between me and my husband.

But right now, me and Waka needto give each other some space,

so me and my beautifuldaughter Charlie

are startinga new adventure together.

I don't know if me and Wakaare done forever.

I need my spaceand my time to figure it out.

♪ Can't stop us now ♪

♪ Ca-can'tstop us now ♪

♪ Can't stop us,ca-ca-ca-ca-can't stop us now ♪

(Karlie)I've learned to live my lifewithout regret.

I alwaysput other people first,

but now it's timeto put me first.

I love interior design.It's my passion.

I really wanna turn thisinto a full-fledged business.

My relationship with Stevie

has shifted to a newand better place.

And Joseline is finallyout of my life for good.

I'm datingand taking things slow.

I'm in a really good place,

and I plan to stay herefor a while.

♪ Can't stop us now,ca-can't stop us now ♪

(K. Michelle)I've been working so hard that,whenever I get a free moment,

I just want to spendquality time taking care of me.

I'm not worried aboutthese little girls anymore.

I'm too busy making hit records,touring for my fans,

and establishing myselfas an entrepreneur.

I'm a brand ambassadorfor Jack Daniels,

my hookah baris opening up soon.

I don't care aboutany of these girls

because they're not puttingany money into my pocket.

Who I needto worry about is me.

Watch me and hate,you little nappy-head bitches.

I'm K. Michelle,and I will forever reign.

♪ Can't stop us now ♪

(Momma Dee)The stars are in line today,

and I'm shootingmy new music video.

Even my husband Ernestis on set,

watching me do my thing.

Things about to go crazyup in the palace.

Since I'm really forced to openthe door and let the Bam in,

I hope that Bambi comes inand takes her rightful place,

as she should,and listen to the queen.

But if she doesn't,I'm gonna need

all the supportthat I can get!

So I'm gonna stay with Ernestfor right now,

'cause if he get a real job

and up his anteon that bedroom game,

there may besome hope for us.

You know I gotthat tongue game, ha ha.


♪ A lonely place,a broken heart ♪

♪ Gonna keep onreaching out again ♪

(Karen)This year has been the hardest,

especially saying good-byeto Scrapp.

My grandson is backin my life right now.

I can honestly saythat I thank Tiarra for that.

I'm keeping an eye on Tommie.

Sas has great music.He's doing good work.

But I'm dealing withmy own stuff.

I've been randomly chargedfor some thefts.

All I know now is,once again, I gotta fight

and keep movingfor my family.

Ain't nothin'gonna keep us down.

Long as we stick together,we'll get through it.

You best believe that.

♪ So I hold on ♪

♪ Oh oh ♪

♪ So I hold on ♪


Life always has a wayof surprising you

when you least expect it.

I been down this road before,so I knew something was up.

And it turns outI was right.

So here I am,pregnant again.

And, honestly, I don't knowhow I feel about it

or how I'm gonnatell the father.

All I know is that I'm gonnafind a way to make things work,

just like I always do.

♪♪ (vocalizing)

(Joseline)I really don't know what's gonnahappen in my personal life.

But it doesn't matter,because, you know why?

My business lifeis going sky high.

I am so excited to bein the studio with Young Dro,

making new music.

All I wanna do in my life

is manage my own careerand be happy.

Because everythingthat I been through in my life,

ever since I was a kid,I really deserve this.

♪♪ (vocalizing)

(Stevie J)It's been a long time

since I was a free man.

I went from Mimito Joseline,

and not spending a minutewith myself.

Joseline is my past.

Now I'm looking forwardto my future.

I got my hookah bar,I got my sparkling wine,

I got my music,and I got my kids.

I'm not sure what's next for me,but it's gotta be epic.

'Cause a good guydoes everything big.

♪♪ (vocalizing)