• Season 3, Ep 1 · Bonus

Nikki and Teairra Catch Up

While on a hike, Teairra updates Nikki on her music and Nikki discusses how Moniece will play a role in her relationship with Fizz.

08/15/2016 · 2:43

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Check yourself.Season three.

You'll be watching uswatch the show...

...for the very first time.

You'll be gettingour natural...

...and very honest reactions.

We're watching it......with you.

The scene you're about to seeis me checking the Chihuahua,

a.k.a. Lil Brandi,at the Mommies & Mimosas event.

(crowd chattering)

We just wanted to say hi,we're gonna go make our rounds.

All right, guys.Thank you.

Nice meeting you.

Go take that (bleep) wigoff your hair

and get you a good wig,

'cause that oneis (bleep)-up looking.

(Nia)Will you stand here?


And I'll be back.Yes.

This is nice.

My face look like it was aboutto be a good moment.


How are you?How are you?

(mocking, goofy voice)"How are you?"

Bitch, what little short busdid you fall off of?

(Moniece)Now go rocking her sidekick,so exciting.

I am no one's sidekick.Knock the (bleep) off.

Hello, ladies.Hello.

You know, Moniece is hostingthe event with me.

But we are all mothers.

Yeah, we are.


I didn't knowI was in the mommy club.

I thought I was,like, kicked out.

Don't do that.

Why wouldyou host the event?


Apparently, I'm not a mom,or a good one, at least.

You're not.

Well, when we had ouraltercation...

Bitch, it wasn'tan altercation.

You were running aroundquacking like a duck,

feathers here,feathers there.

You felt the needto chime in.

It made mepassionate about--

I don't careabout your passion.

She's so extra'd-outall the (bleep) time.

It's like the bitchwalks around

waiting for her (bleep)nominations.

You don't know me.You don't know my story.

I don't need to, though.

You don't knowmy struggle!

Playing the violin.

And it's like,oh, my goodness.


But you judge my solution!

I judgewhat you put out!

(Nia)Wait, Brandi,let her finish.

That right thereis where you (bleep) up!

Bitch, shut that (bleep) up'cause that ain't your moment.

Go back to whateverlittle jungle it isthat you climbed out of.

She just swings in,(bleeps) up.

Sweatin' me, (bleep).

And see me later.

Little girl, don't forget,bitch, I can see you right now.

You're not gonnabe a victim

when you send threatsto my (bleep).

But I'm telling you to your facethat I will dog-walk you,

but that might notreally be effective,

'cause that's whatyou're used to.

Sweetheart, move real quick,

'cause I ain't got timefor this.

Girl, you're trying to reasonwith the security.

It's not gonna work.

You cannot reason with him.He's not moving.

You need to calmyour little ass down.

Calm down!

Calm down.Everybody be calm.

I'm talking calmly.


I feel that you attacked me.

Go save your (bleep)bull (bleep) victim story

for someone who actuallywants to purchase it.

I'm sure you'll get no sales.