• Season 5, Ep 17

T.I. Busts The Boys

Domani, King, and Messiah have no idea where Major is and T.I. comes home to teach them a lesson.

08/22/2016 ยท 2:59

So, the good news is,Major and I

havin' a good time, man.

We out here eatin'ice cream,

having great conversation.

We doing what we do.The bad news is,

they done lost my child.Somebody's ass is grass.

(phone ringing)

Um...You answer it, man.

Pick it up, man!


I-- Hey, look--Look--

What'd you say?


What'd you say?

(making noises) I'm on the way--

I'm on the way home, man.

We can't hear you, Dad.

Hey... Hello?


(Domani) It's working-- uh--

What?(King beeping, Messiah grunting)


Aah!(Domani laughing)

Dang it!

Did you see that, Major?What?

I think they justhung up on me.


Think we played itoff well?

That just bought usten minutes.

Pops just called.I think he's on to us.

If we don't find him soon,we gonna get it.


(laughter)I'm telling you, King.

(Domani)Y'all got some gum, man?

All right, I atea burrito, man.

Y'all got--Y'all got some gum?

You found him?No.

Smell it, see if Majorwas right there.

Where this man at?

(Domani)Major! Where are you!

Is that Pops?It's not a false alarm!

It's Pops!

No!Back up.

(Domani) I don't like this!(King) It's Pops! Run!

That's Pops! That's Pops!That's Pops!

Stay low.Stay low?

I can do that.Yeah.

Straight throughover there.

It's about time I go aheadand confront them,

let them knowthat I know

that they don't knowwhere Major is.

So, let's see how this hereplays out.

Hey, many, why'd you hang upin my face?

(Domani)What you mean?

See, I was talking to you,telling you

I was on the wayand then you just...

(grunting) ...and thenyou hung up on me.

It's a--It's a bad connection.

King! Messiah!Hey.

Hey, man, where Major?

Messiah responsible!

I told them right out--

What did I asky'all to do?

(Domani)He responsible, though.

You all are responsible.

(T.I.)I am sorely disappointed.

Not only did they losetheir brother,

but they refusedto come clean.

They're trying to cover it up.This is not the Harris way.

Well, actually,at their age,

it kind of isthe Harris way.

Still frowned upon,nonetheless!

I want thisto be a lesson.

Hey, Major!Come here.

(T.I.)Hey, Major boy!

Major, go sit down.Where you was hiding at?

We were lookingall over for you.Hey, listen...

tell 'em where you were.With Pops.

He was with me!

I was with him!He wasn't using his imagin--

We were together.

The jig is up.Okay. Okay.

So, you did notsee me play--

not play with my Legos.I was over there.

My Legos were gone.

You were playinghide-and-go-seek.

I was playing...with my Legos.

And, they were gone,so I was gone.


You didn't even knowthat he left. Duh!

(T.I.)I should have left Majorto watch y'all.