• Season 3, Ep 8

Shanda Rejects Willie's Romantic Gesture

Even after Willie sets up a romantic date and continues to apologize, Shanda states that they need to fix their marriage separately.

10/03/2016 ยท 3:06

Tonight is the night I just wantit to be me and my lady.

I want to talk directlyto her heart,

I want to let her knowexactly how I feel.

I want her to knowexactly how sorry I am

for hurting her and how,you know,

I'm never going to allow thisto happen to us again,

and I want her to know thatand I want her to know

that today,I want to start anew.

Hey, beautiful.

For real?

Where'd this guycome from?

I'm not looking for too much.I'm not thinking,

let's go all the wayover the moon

and then you just grab me backand just, you know,

say you love me and we go inthe house and make sweet love,

even though I would love to,

but I'm expecting at leastto just break the ice.

Let me get through,let me come in,

let me step in frontof your heart,

let me say my apology in frontof the heart, and just--

Just let me knowif you accept it or not.

Uh... I wish you wouldhave done more of this.

I've been tryingto do more of this.

This is more like a...

I'm sorry,forgive me type (bleep).

Nah. This is morejust a happy place,

which I want us to stay in.

I want to try to find itand make it work.

I feel like you're doing thisbecause of what happened.

I feel like you wouldn'thave done anything like it

if I wouldn't have found out.

No.That's not the case.

That's how I feel.

I just want to make everythingwork, I just want to make it--

I want to show youthat I'm trying.

I deserve a manthat would do things like this

because he loves meand he wants to see me happy,

not because he (bleep) up.

So you just want me to be ableto just pop back into, you know,

what you should havebeen doing anyway.

Nah, I don't want youto pop back.

Or pop back intobeing the husband,

the better man, like, why?

Why, why did I haveto deal with, you know,

that personin the first place?

Why did I have to dealwith the (bleep)

that you put me through?

I'm talking about the (bleep)that you've allowed to happen.

Again, you know, I apologizefrom the bottom of my heart.

I've already put myselfin your shoes a million times.

I don't--I don't want to be here.

I feel like all I've been doingwas fighting for this family

'cause I knowthat's important to me.

Which-- why I putmy career on hold,

and I felt like it wasthe moment for me

to step up and be a womanand just make sure that,

you know, family is priority

and I don't feel like familywas priority to you.

Family is always my priority.

I don't feel like you've put inthe sacrifices I put in.

See, I've forgiven Willie waytoo many times, and for what?

If he's gonna continueto do the same (bleep)

over and over again?I hate to admit it,

but I think it's time for me

to focus on me for a change,without Willie.

I don't want to (bleep)

be a part of the bull (bleep)no more.

I don't feel likeit's fair to me,

I don't feel likeit's fair to my kids.

I don't want my kids to thinkthat this (bleep) is okay.

You were supposed to be here,setting an example for our kids

on how to be treated by a manand how to treat a woman.

And I feel like as faras our marriage,

I just feel like it needsto be fixed,

and it can't be fixedtogether.