• Season 3, Ep 7

A1 and Lyrica Announce Their Marriage

When A1 and Lyrica surprise everyone by revealing that they eloped, Lyrica G is furious and ruins the housewarming celebration.

09/26/2016 · 2:41

This is not justa housewarming party.

This is our wedding reception.

(guests cheering)

(glass shatters)


We went outand got married.

(Lyrica A.)We're married!


This was a low blow.

I don't know that I couldever get past this.

Lyrica knew that me not beingat her wedding

would break my heart,

and I know thiswas A1's doing.

(guests cheering)

Is that a cake?

Mom, you said you didn'twant us shacking up,

so we did it the right way.

No, you did itthe wrong way.

How could you dosomething like this?

Well, it's about us.

(Lyrica G.)The daughter that I know

wouldn't have donesomething like that.

Lyrica has always been sweet

and very considerateof my feelings.

Even if she had notinvited me there,

I think I could have dealtwith that better

than just not knowing at all.

I cannot believeyou did this to me.

I really cannot.

(A1)It's-- it's--

A1, how could you havemy only child go

and marry you and I don'tbe a part of the planning?

You probably mad 'causethey got married.

I'm gonna be straight up.

(Lyrica G.)You stay out of it, Pam!

No, hey, hey...When it comes to her,

you talk to him,but not my baby.Yo, yo, hey...

(Pam)She my daughter now.

(overlapping shouting)

Hell, I'm surprisedjust like you are!

Hell, I'm just nowfinding out.

You feel how the (bleep)you wanna feel, Pam.

That's what I'm doing.You feel how youwanna feel!

I'm not mad about it.But don't tell mehow to feel!

(A1)I think Lyrica's mom,

to be honest,

I feel likeshe a little jealous.

I took a stand as a man,

and I didn't let nobody get inthe way of what I wanted to do.

(Lyrica G.)Nobody in this roomcan understand,

your only child,that I've waited and planned

years and years to be a partof her getting married,

she go off and elope and Idon't know anything about it?

Y'all think that's cool?

We grown.

I feel so bad for Lyrica,

I mean, this is supposed to beher special day,

and her mom just ruined it.

You know what? I'm gonnaget the (bleep) out of here.

(Pam)Good, 'cause youcan't do nothing, man.

I'm gonna go.Come on,everybody else happy.

Y'all happy?

(bleeps) that (bleep)!

Hell, yeah!All right, then.

All right, then.Straight up.

Whoo, whoo, whoo!

Get mad at her!'Cause I'm tired of it.

(Lyrica A.)This is a lose-lose situation.

If we would have satour moms down to dinner

to tell 'em that we eloped,

they would have gotin each other's faces.

You just can't win.

The whole reasonwe did it this way

is because of how they actwhen they're together, and look,

the way she'sacting right now.

That's exactly whywe didn't want to do it

with you guys there.